The 8 Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency and Associated Problems

The Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency and the Associated Problems It  Can Cause. Also, since we were kids we’ve known how important it is to get enough calcium to grow strong and healthy bones. As we grow older, we care less about consuming foods that are a great source of calcium , because we don’t assume we need it, but that’s a big mistake.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Nutrition Council recommends that men and women between 19 and 50 consume 1,000 mg of calcium per day. Women over 51 and men over 71 should increase their dose to 1,200 mg daily.

Calcium deficiency can become dangerous. Diets low in calcium can release a hormone known as PTH. This hormone breaks down bone tissue in order to balance calcium levels in the blood . If you have low blood calcium levels for a prolonged period, it will try to regulate this hormone by breaking down bone tissue and putting you at risk of developing osteoporosis . Then check out The 8 Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency and Associated Problems.

Leg Cramps: Calcium deficiency  can cause nerve endings to spasm. This could be the reason why we get nocturnal hamstring and calf quadriceps cramps.

Tingling or Numbness:  Tingling or numbness in the nerve endings in the hands and feet can also be Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency.

Caries:  You probably already knew this because since they are small we reported about it. This is because when the body doesn’t get enough calcium through the diet, it starts looking elsewhere like teeth.

Weak Nails:  If your nails  flake off or break easily, most likely due to Calcium Deficiency . Like bones or teeth, nails also store calcium , so you should eat more green vegetables to keep them strong.

Difficulty Sleeping:  Calcium  helps produce melatonin , the hormone that regulates our biological clock. In addition, calcium levels increase when the body enters deep sleep. If you cannot reach this state it could be due to a calcium deficiency .

Leaning Posture:  When your bones are weakened by calcium deficiency , the body responds by leaning over. You may also notice neck and back pain.

Memory Loss: Calcium deficiency  also has neurological symptoms such as memory loss and hallucinations.

Seizures:  Calcium  is important for the proper functioning of neurotransmitters and muscle contractions. Therefore, a calcium deficiency can cause seizures in healthy people.

If you think you suffer from calcium deficiency , drink at least one glass of milk a day. It is important to see a doctor and consume foods rich in calcium , such as green leafy vegetables.

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