Vitamin C Deficiency: 10 Shocking Signs to Watch Out for

The signs of vitamin C deficiency are important, because if you consume vitamin C only cold, you are doing it wrong.

Vitamin C has many benefits that you might be missing out on, such as protection against eye disease and wrinkles .

Missing out on the health benefits of vitamin C is not the only reason you should be concerned about getting enough of it.

Low levels of vitamin C can lead to a number of health problems .

Its main function is the hydroxylation of collagen, the fibrillar protein that gives strength to bones, teeth, tendons and blood vessel walls.

In addition, it is a powerful antioxidant, being used to transform reactive oxygen species into inert forms.

It is also used in the synthesis of some molecules that serve as hormones or neurotransmitters.

It is no secret that vitamins play a fundamental role in everything that has to do with the health and proper functioning of the body.

Among them, Vitamin C is one of the best known and most important. in addition, it is not only essential for strengthening the immune system, but also participates in many body processes.

Vitamin C is necessary for the correct absorption of Iron and the use of Calcium , which allows to obtain other interesting benefits.

For all these reasons, its deficiency in the body can trigger a series of negative reactions that directly affect the physical and mental state.

Before seeing the Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency in the Body.

Recommended daily dose of vitamin C

The recommended daily dose of Vitamin C is 65 mg for adults.

For smokers, the amount is 20 mg more for each cigarette smoked.

But as pollution and medications can decrease the concentration of Vitamin C in the blood, the corrected dose of Vitamin C should be 120 mg per day for all healthy adults, which corresponds to a glass of orange juice, for example. .

Regular consumption of this vitamin, as we already know, favors the health of our entire body in an impressive way.

Above all, it can prevent the emergence of diseases such as asthma, which is caused by exposure to environmental contamination by airborne gases, especially in large cities, where traffic is much higher.

Now See a List of Foods Rich in Vitamin C.

Now that we know the Foods, let’s take a look at the Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency in the Body .

Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency:

You get hurt easily:

Vitamin C deficiency anemia (when your body doesn’t get enough vitamin C ) can make you more sensitive to bruises.

If you have a lot of bruises on your arms and legs, eat foods that are packed with vitamin C , such as kale, oranges or red peppers. This is one of the signs of vitamin C deficiency .

Nose bleed: 

Did you know that most of the capillaries responsible for nosebleeds are located in front of the nose? If you have too little vitamin C in your body, these capillaries become more sensitive, which can lead to nosebleeds .

Wounds slowly healing: 

The body needs a lot of red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body. In addition, these red blood cells do everything from clotting to growth (like skin , new cells, etc.).

If you’re not getting enough vitamin C , your body won’t be able to make enough of these cells. So your wounds can heal slower.

Fatigue and depression:

Fatigue is a fairly common symptom for many medical conditions, but if you’re feeling really tired and a little low, increase your vitamin C intake and watch your mood improve.

If you still aren’t feeling normal, you should talk to a friend or medical professional.

Also, this is one of the main signs of vitamin C deficiency .

Irregular heartbeats: 

Vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron . Low iron content can lead to anemia , heart palpitations and pregnancy complications .

Swollen gummies: 

Vitamin C helps prevent plaque and tartar. One study noted that those with the highest levels of vitamin C had less tooth decay.

Also, in fact, the study found that people who had higher levels of vitamin C , but brushed less than twice a day, had teeth comparable to those who brushed twice a day, but had lower levels of vitamin C. C. _

Eat more vitamin C to strengthen your teeth !

Swollen units: 

A severe lack of vitamin C in the system can result in scurvy.

Also, a symptom of this disease results in swollen joints and muscle weakness.

When vitamin C levels are too low, collagen cannot form properly.

Collagen is the connective tissue between joints.

If your body cannot produce collagen properly, your joints suffer.

Dry hair and/or nails:

Collagen is critical in many areas of the body, including skin maintenance .

If your body doesn’t absorb a good amount of vitamin C , your skin will develop tight bumps, redness, wrinkles and dryness.

Hence, this is one of the signs of vitamin C deficiency .

Most common disease: 

The best way to fight disease is to boost the health of the immune system.

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for your body as it can strengthen the cells in your body.

Also, a study at the National Library of Medicine shows that vitamin C levels drop when your body is sick or stressed.

If you are low on vitamins, your body will have an even harder time of recovery.

Weight gain: 

Did you know that the amount of vitamin C in your bloodstream affects how your body oxidizes fat?

An Arizona State University study showed that participants with lower levels of vitamin C had a greater mass of body fat.

Also, if you have gained weight or your weight loss is stalled, try consuming foods that are rich in vitamin C or a vitamin C supplement to give your body a boost.

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