3 home remedies for greenish discharge!

These are the best home remedies for greenish discharge quickly and naturally, as this discharge, when accompanied by an unpleasant smell, itching and burning in the intimate area, can be a sign of Trichomoniasis, a vaginal infection, or vulvovaginitis, an inflammation that occurs at the same time in the vagina. vulva and vagina.

In these most cases, the greenish discharge is almost always accompanied by other symptoms, and it is recommended to consult the gynecologist as soon as possible, so that he can indicate the best treatment.

Home remedies for greenish discharge

1. Remedy with guava for greenish discharge:

One of the best home remedies for greenish discharge is guava leaf tea. It is a medicinal plant that has antibacterial properties that act against the protozoa that cause trichomoniasis.


– 1 liter of water ;
– 3 or 4 dried guava leaves.

Preparation mode:

  1. Put the water in a pan and let it boil.
  2. After turning off the heat, add the dried guava leaves, cover and set aside for 15 minutes.
  3. Finally, strain the mixture and drink 3 cups a day or when you feel the most discomfort.

2. Medicine with Malaleuca for greenish discharge:

Malaleuca, also known as tea tree, is a medicinal plant that has excellent antimicrobial and antibiotic properties, capable of eliminating some of the bacteria responsible for infections in the intimate region. In this way, it can be used in sitz baths to relieve symptoms of vaginal infections, such as itching or a foul smell, for example.


– Malaleuca essential oil ;
– Sweet almond oil.

Preparation mode:

  • Mix about 10 ml of each type of oil and then apply it to the vagina area.

It is possible that in the first application you will feel a slight burning, but if it takes a long time to disappear or if it is very intense, you should immediately wash the area with water and a neutral pH soap.

3. Home remedy with bergamot for greenish discharge:

Bergamot is a fruit with antibacterial properties that is widely used to help treat vaginal trichomoniasis infections more quickly.


– 30 drops of bergamot essential oil ;
– 1 liter of water .

Preparation method:

  1. Put 1 to 2 liters of warm water in a basin and then mix the drops of bergamot essential oil.
  2. Finally, take a sitz bath and pass the water through the intimate region in order to eliminate excess bacteria from the region.
  3. This sitz bath can be done up to 2 times a day.

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