Black Mulberry Tea To Treat Kidney Stones

Black Mulberry Tea to Treat Kidney Stones is an excellent home remedy. In addition, a  kidney stone is a solid mass formed by small crystals, which can be found both in the kidneys and in any other organ of the urinary tract. Kidney stones are popularly known as kidney stones .

Causes of Kidney Stones: Kidney stones are formed when the urine has greater than normal amounts of certain substances, such as calcium , oxalate and uric acid, or that have a decrease in the amount of some factors that would prevent the agglomeration of these crystals, for example. the citrate. These substances can precipitate and form small crystals that will later coalesce and turn into stones.

Types of Kidney Stones: There are four types of kidney stones , and one differs from the other in terms of its formation and main characteristics. The types of  kidney stones that exist are:

Calcium calculations: These are the most common. They occur more often in men than in women and appear and generally appear between the ages of 20 and 30. They tend to reappear after treatment. Calcium can combine with other substances such as oxalate, phosphate or carbonate to form stone. Certain diseases of the small intestine, diets rich in Vitamin D , and metabolic disorders increase the risk of oxalate and calcium stone formation .

Cystine stones: These can appear in people who have cystinuria, an inherited kidney disease that affects both men and women.

Struvite stones: Found mostly in women with a urinary tract infection. These stones can grow large and block the kidney, ureter, or bladder.

Uric Acid Stones: Correspond to 7% of all treated stones. They form mainly in patients who have high uric acid. They are more frequent in men than in women. They can also occur together with high-protein diets, gout or chemotherapy. Genetic factors can also contribute to kidney stones of this type.

Kidney Stone Symptoms: Stones located within the kidney usually do not cause symptoms. These will only bother when they move out of the kidney and obstruct the ureter (conduct that echoes urine from the kidney to the bladder). In this situation, severe pain and other associated symptoms may manifest, such as:

  • Variable, severe, cramping low back pain that may radiate to the flank, lower abdomen, and genital region (to the vulva or testicle)
  • Nausea and vomiting are common
  • Increased desire to go to the bathroom to urinate but not pass too much urine
  • Desire to have a bowel movement but not eliminating anything – uncommon
  • burning to urinate
  • Blood in the urine.

The type of treatment to be applied to the patient will depend on the size and location of the stone and the symptoms presented. When the stones are small and do not show many symptoms, the patient will not need to undergo very invasive procedures. In these cases, the doctor may indicate some measures that help with recovery. However, there are some home remedies that help treat kidney stones in a natural way. So, check out the Black Mulberry Tea Recipe to Treat Kidney Stones .



  • Place the leaves in boiling water and let stand for 15 minutes.
  • Then strain and drink the tea 4 times a day.

Prevention: To prevent kidney stones , you need to be careful with your diet. See some measurements:

  • Drink lots of water during the day
  • Eat less oxalate-rich foods like spinach , walnuts , sweet potatoes , and even chocolate
  • Reduce the amounts of salt and protein in your meals
  • Keep eating foods rich in calcium , but beware of supplements. It is essential to keep blood calcium levels stable.

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