The 3 Home Recipes to Eliminate Chilblains

The 3 Home Recipes to Eliminate Chilblains in a simple and 100% natural way. Also, to eliminate   Frieira is something that people are always looking for and often fail to stop  Frieira becoming a big problem.

But the great news I have to give you is that there are methods that eliminate Frieira and make you no longer feel ashamed with sores or bad smell in the foot the terrible FrieiraFrieira , which is also known as athlete ‘s foot, arises for several reasons, and Frieira occurs most often due to constant sweating or lack of hygiene and basic foot care .

Some of the most common symptoms of Frieira are the appearance of itchy blisters , the cracking and irritation between the fingers ( Frieira ). There are several ways to treat and end Chilblains on your feet. Then check out below The 3 Home Recipes to Eliminate Chilblains.

Eliminate Nun with Clove Oil: Clove oil to eliminate Nun among other diseases, is so powerful that it is necessary to list its properties: it is analgesic , antibiotic , antiseptic , antiviral, anti-inflammatory , antifungal and antiparasitic . See recipes on how to use this powerful oil to treat  Nun.



  • It’s very simple, just mix the two ingredients and cook in a bain-marie for an hour so that the oil takes on the properties of cloves .
  • Then just strain and store in a clean, dry glass with a lid.
  • Apply this oil on the nails to treat mycoses, chilblains and make them stronger and healthier.

Eliminate Chilblains with Apple Juice: Apple juice can be used as a powerful aid in fighting Chilblains . The apple has nutrients Tannins: They are astringent and anti-inflammatory that will benefit in the cure of chilblains .



  • Make a paste with the mixture.
  • place on the Frieira and let it act for 10 to 15 minutes.

Eliminate Chilblains with Garlic: Garlic isa depurative food, that is, it helps eliminate toxins from the body and fights excess uric acid, perfect for fighting Chilblains . In addition, it is rich in antimicrobial agents, which expel fungi from the body.

  • The recipe is very simple, just crush three cloves of garlic and let it soak for approximately five hours.
  • Wash the body parts infected with   Frieira  with this water.
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Once you have used the recipe, the problems of how to get rid of Chilblains should not come back, but you need to continue with basic care to prevent Chilblains from returning like, wear cotton socks instead of nylon socks, wear flip flops when you are in house, apply talcum powder or foot deodorant, etc. Try to let your feet breathe whenever you can.

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