2 home remedies for diarrhea!

Home remedies for diarrhea are effective as this condition is an increase in the frequency of bowel movements, an increase in looseness of stool, or both. Diarrhea can be caused by increased secretion of fluid in the intestine, reduced absorption of fluid from the intestine, or rapid passage of stool through the intestine.

Diarrhea can be acute or chronic, and each has different treatments and causes . In addition, complications of diarrhea include dehydration, electrolyte (mineral) abnormalities, and irritation of the anus. Despite this, there are some effective home remedies for diarrhea .

Home remedies for diarrhea:

 1. Chamomile tea:


– 1 handful of chamomile flower ;
– 10 guava leaves;
– 250 ml of water.

Preparation mode:

  1. Place the ingredients in a pan and let it boil for approximately 15 minutes on low heat;
  2. Turn off the heat, cover the pan and let it cool, then strain and drink in small sips several times during the day.

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3. Homemade Apple Syrup:


– a grated carrot ;
– 1/2 grated apple ;
– 1/4 cup of honey .

Preparation mode:

  1. In a pan, bring all the ingredients to a boil in a bain-marie for approximately 30 minutes on low heat;
  2. Then, let it cool and place it in a clean glass jar with a lid;
  3. Take 2 tablespoons of this syrup a day while diarrhea lasts .

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