Acrocyanosis – What is it, Symptoms and Treatments

Acrocyanosis – What it is, Symptoms and Treatments of this condition that few know. In addition  Acrocyanosis  is a painless disorder that does not damage the skin, despite the persistent bluish discoloration of both hands. Acrocyanosis is  caused by a spasm of small blood vessels in the skin.

Acrocyanosis affects more females than males, especially young people in their 20s. The skin of the hands is the site most affected by acrocyanosis , and it can also develop on the skin of the feet . Acrocyanosis rarely progresses to the forearms or legs, however, it is not impossible to happen.

The region affected by Acrocyanosis  is bluish in color, in addition, the skin is wet and cold. Because the condition of Acrocyanosis  is painless, the doctor is usually sought out due to an aesthetic issue. Hyperhidrosis is also something that can be very bothersome and draw the attention of patients, causing them to seek help.

Symptoms of Acrocyanosis:  Acrocyanosis refers  to the bluish discoloration of the skin, nails, and mucous membranes. Normally, hemoglobin carries most of the oxygen in the blood. This oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin in the blood (present in the arteries) is called oxygen saturation.

The symptoms of Acrocyanosis  are hands and fingers constantly cold and bluish, sweating profusely accompanied by local swelling. Commonly, low temperatures increase the bluish color, while heating reduces it.

Acrocyanosis  is diagnosed  based on persistent symptoms , which are limited to the hands and feet.

Once in the tissues, hemoglobin releases oxygen and comes back darker and deoxygenated in the blood carried by the veins. This darker venous blood travels to the lungs to be recharged with fresh breathing oxygen and returns to the heart only to be pumped out again into the arteries.

Treatment of Acrocyanosis: The treatment of Acrocyanosis usually does not involve the use of medication and in most cases even spontaneous regression occurs. Despite this, it is very important to consult a doctor, so that each case of Acrocyanosis  is properly evaluated and so that future disorders are excluded.

It is critical that the patient understand the condition of Acrocyanosis . Acrocyanosis can end up intensified when the person is exposed to a very low temperature or strong emotions, for example, so it is necessary to learn to deal with this.

In some more serious or specific cases of Acrocyanosis , hormone replacement  may be necessary , as well as surgeries for the resection of sympathetic nerves. However, it is usually through changes in daily habits that the condition improves.

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Note: Avoid using medications without a doctor’s recommendation, as certain drugs can worsen Acrocyanosis . Take care of your health and consult a professional in the face of any changes you notice in your body.

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