The 7 Worst Foods for People with a Cold

The Worst Foods for Those Who Have a Cold are diverse, but very important for health. Also, the common cold  is a viral infection of the nose and throat  (upper respiratory tract). It is usually harmless, although it may not feel that way. Many types of viruses can cause a common cold  . Children under the age of six are most at risk of catching a cold , but healthy adults can also expect two or three colds annually.The Worst Foods for People with a Cold is terrible because the appetite is lost, the body aches entirely and the head is ready to explode. You’d give anything to escape that feeling, just as you’re willing to try the home remedies your grandmother always recommended. Avoiding certain types of foods can alleviate this problem. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about here. Stay away from these foods and recover faster. So, check out the list The 7 Worst Foods For Those With A Cold.Fast Food and Processed Foods: Fast food and processed foods are one of the Worst Foods For People With A Cold. Forget about illness, even when you are healthy, these foods are not good. So, when you have a cold and flu , it’s best to stay away from those fast foods and processed snacks. These foods contain less nutrients and more preservatives. They hardly help in the stimulation of immunity and, mainly, make recovery difficult. They contain genetically modified products such as monosodium glutamate, artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and other immune inhibiting ingredients. None of these can help alleviate suffering or cure a cold  and flu .

 Alcohol:  Many people drink a mouthful of brandy to relieve a cold . It can warm the throat and provide temporary relief, but in reality, alcohol only weakens the immune system and dehydrates the body, so alcohol is also one of the Worst Foods for Colds . Dehydration and a weakened immune system further deteriorate the problem, so you end up feeling worse instead of better.

Alcohol consumption can modulate the immune response  and influence the risk of developing a common cold  . However, red wine, which is rich in flavonoids, has a protective effect against the common cold  . Moderate consumption of wine, but not other alcoholic beverages, can reduce the occurrence of cold.

Oily Foods: Foods that contain excess fats should be avoided as they are part of the list of the Worst Foods for People with a Cold . Fried and fatty foods can cause your stomach to become inflamed and leave you with an upset stomach. Fatty and high-fat foods can negatively affect the immune system and delay recovery. Fried chicken, french fries or any other fried foods should be avoided.

Dairy Products: Don’t be surprised to see dairy products appearing on this list of Worst Foods For Those With A Cold . Low-fat dairy products can be consumed. But, those high in fat should be avoided. In fact, a glass of hot milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder can cure a common cold. However, as most dairy products contain high levels of fat and can increase mucus production, you should avoid them completely.

High Sugar Foods:  Refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives are the  Worst Foods for People with a Cold, common ingredients in packaged juices, doughnuts, candy, or other high- sugar foods make a cold  worse . Sugar interferes with  the body’s mechanism of fighting bacteria that cause colds  and flu .

Consuming a high- sugar diet  prevents the body from fighting congestion and this leads to greater accumulation of phlegm. Sugar increases congestion, reduces the ability of white blood cells to fight disease, and provides an environment for bacteria to thrive. If you want to drink fruit juices, make them yourself at home, but don’t add sugar.

Meat and Meat Products:  Meat and meat products  are also on the list of Worst Foods for People with a Cold as they are something that should be avoided, at least temporarily, until the cold  and flu are over. . Meat products take a long time to digest and your digestive system will then work double-time to dissolve it completely. Opting for vegetarian foods during this time allows your body to recover faster and fight illness more efficiently.

Animal fats prevent the body from being able to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Many vegetarian foods contain antioxidants  that help fight bacteria and promote recovery.

Cold Foods and Drinks:  A cup of hot or lukewarm drink can relieve cold or flu symptoms  as the steam from this drink opens the nasal passages. However, drinking anything cold can cause a sore throat or make it worse. According to Ayurvedic medicine, drinking cold water is not recommended as it slows down the digestion process.

When you have a cold  and the flu , the most important thing is to keep yourself as warm as possible by wearing warm clothes, eating hot foods, and avoiding anything cold. Hot foods increase the body’s internal temperature. Eating or drinking cold foods lowers the body temperature and the body exerts itself to raise the internal temperature. This also slows down the recovery process and prolongs the flu and cold . That’s why cold foods and drinks are part of the list of  Worst Foods For Those With A Cold.

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When you have a cold and flu , avoid the foods mentioned here and instead consume immune -enhancing vegetarian foods . Keep your body well hydrated and drink hot tea and soups to relieve symptoms.

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