The 20 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Foods that Lower Blood Sugar  are varied. Because, these foods have a large amount of nutrients that are essential for the general health of the body. In addition, it is in food that you find the main allies to regulate the rate of glucose  in the blood.

Among the goals of food is to obtain energy for the body, provided at each meal thanks to the synthesis of molecules such as glucose . Despite being a vital element, excess can be fatal for diabetics if not controlled. “The amount of glucose in the blood is called blood glucose.

It depends directly on the insulin produced by the pancreas and the amount of sugar – or carbohydrates – that is ingested.” When the body produces little or no insulin, as in the case of diabetes, one way to maintain the proper level of blood sugar is to choose foods that help stop glucose spikes . So, check out now  The 20 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Level:

Eggplant:  Eggplant is one of the top Blood Sugar Lowering Foods . Well, this food is known for hypertensive patients, as they have flavonoids – antioxidant substances – that protect the arteries and prevent cellular aging, in addition to preventing the development of cancer.

However, it still stands out in the fight against blood glucose: “the soluble fibers present in eggplant have the ability to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels , in addition to promoting good intestinal functioning, acting in the cleaning of the digestive system”.

Leafy Vegetables:  Leafy Vegetables are Excellent Foods that Lower Blood Sugar Level . Because vegetables such as arugula, lettuce, spinach, for example, are rich in fiber and concentrate nutrients that modulate the glucose – insulin response. Prefer to consume it fresh and raw so as not to lose these substances. Another important vegetable is Swiss chard, which helps in the healing process, an important factor for those who have diabetes.

Lean Meat :  Lean Meat is one of the main Blood Sugar Lowering Foods . It is a great source of proteins of high biological value, as well as providing energy, vitamins and minerals. Fish is the best choice for diabetics as it helps fight bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases insulin sensitivity. Lean Meat Fat free and consumed in moderation is good for health

Ginger:  Ginger is a good alternative for Foods that Lower Blood Sugar . Well, it helps speed up metabolism and is widely used in weight loss diets, in addition to detox. Ginger has a thermogenic effect, capable of raising body temperature, but it has an additional benefit for diabetics: “the food has antioxidant substances that promote the improvement of circulation caused by the disease”.

Oatmeal:  This food cannot be missing from the diet of diabetics, as it contains betaglobulin, a fiber that makes it difficult for the body to absorb fat. This leads to greater control of blood glucose, as it inhibits glucose spikes in the bloodstream. It can be consumed either in juice, in salad or as porridge – just don’t go overboard with sugar and if you can, opt for sweeteners with stevia. Oatmeal is one of the best Blood Sugar Lowering Foods .

Cinnamon:  Cinnamon is one of the top Blood Sugar Lowering Foods . For, according to the Brazilian Society of Diabetes (SBD), consuming cinnamon helps to reduce the glucose of type 2 diabetics, in addition to triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL). And this spice can replace sugar: “cinnamon gives the fruit a sweet taste, which satisfies the sweet tooth”. Regular consumption (but without exaggeration) still reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases associated with diabetes.

Water:  Dietary fibers are important compounds for lowering the amount of glucose in the blood. However, without regular water intake, they can compromise digestion. Drink about 2 liters of water every day at alternate times. In addition to helping the gut function, you help with other metabolic processes.

Oilseeds:  Oilseeds (Chestnuts) are a good choice of Foods that Lower Blood Sugar . Well, “They are sources of good fat. Their consumption is inversely associated with the risk of type 2 diabetes. They have a low glycemic index and high fiber content”. Therefore, walnuts, chestnuts and almonds are indicated. However, because they are caloric foods due to the amount of lipids, it is recommended that they be consumed in moderation.

Berries:  Berries are Excellent Foods that Lower Blood Sugar . For red colored foods, such as strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and jabuticaba concentrate antioxidant properties, the so-called flavonoids. They help due to the anti-inflammatory action, which also act by helping blood circulation.

Other foods such as green beans, onions, tomatoes and broccoli can also be considered antioxidants, as they prevent premature aging of cells and help fight infections, blindness and thrombosis. And they also help in the healing process, problems that affect the health of diabetics.

Milks and Derivatives:  Milks and Derivatives is a good choice of Foods that Lower Blood Sugar . Also, did you know that calcium consumption is linked to improved glucose metabolism response ? However, when consuming, opt for lean versions, both milk and cheese, choosing the skimmed version or white cheeses, such as ricotta. “Excess fat interferes with the normal production of insulin, causing resistance to this hormone, which results in weight gain and can lead to type 2 diabetes.”

Passion Fruit Flour:  If you haven’t heard of it, it is one of the Best Blood Sugar Lowering Foods . Because, it is rich in fiber, which leads to a lower absorption of glucose . “In a study using passion fruit peel flour in the diet of normal and diabetic rats, diabetes control was verified, due to its hypoglycemic action and for being rich in pectin, a type of fiber”. In addition, flour improves intestinal transit and prolongs the feeling of satiety. The ideal is to consume 1 tablespoon (soup) per day.

Green Tea: Green  Teas are not just Foods that Lower Blood Sugar , the drink is also rich in polyphenols, such as catechins”. Green Tea has the EGCG catechin, a functional substance capable of preventing diabetic retinopathy (which causes damage to the ocular retina) and diabetic neuropathy (lack of sensitivity in the nerves, which can even lead to amputations), symptoms associated with the disease.

Flaxseed:  Flaxseed is a good alternative of Foods that Lower Blood Sugar . Because, this seed has the so-called linolenic acid, an element that acts in the formation of hemoglobin molecules and helps in the reduction of cholesterol and blood glucose rates . Among the other benefits are: “the reduction of cholesterol, glycemic control and good intestinal functioning, in addition to providing a feeling of satiety, reducing appetite”.

Soybeans:  Soybeans are Excellent Foods that Lower Blood Sugar . Because, it has low glycemic level and still prevents cancer and cardiovascular diseases. “Soy has antioxidant and anticancer activity, as isoflavones (antioxidant compound) reduce glucose absorption and LDL levels. (bad cholesterol), in addition to helping to relieve menopausal symptoms, through substances that help balance the activity of the estrogen hormone”.

Yacon Potato:  It is, in fact, a tuber with a sweet taste, which can resemble that of pear. It can be consumed raw and has a caloric value of 33kcal for every 100g. in addition, it contains a lot of water – about 83% to 90% of its total weight – and still reduces blood glucose levels .

“Rich in soluble fiber and prebiotics, this potato has been used in research with diabetics, since its consumption does not seem to increase the amount of Sugar in the Blood ”. Yacon is available in fresh and dehydrated versions, perfect for aperitifs.

Jabuticaba:  Jabuticaba is one of the main Foods that Reduce Blood Sugar Level . Well, it helps in the control of Sugar in the Blood , if consumed with the peel, as explained by the nutritionist André. “This fiber contributes to keeping blood sugar levels close to normal.” The fruit also gains more positive points for fighting bad cholesterol, helping with intestinal disorders, preventing colon cancer, in addition to protecting the immune system.

Apple Gala:  Fruits are allowed on the diet menu, but only if the glycemic rate is controlled and they are consumed with peel or pomace. In the case of apple, it helps to reduce the risk of hyperglycemia, as it has soluble fibers capable of retaining carbohydrates.

Green Banana Flour:  If you haven’t heard of this food, it is one of the top Blood Sugar Lowering Foods . Because, the food has a resistant starch, which is only digested in the intestine and not in the stomach. “The characteristic resistant starch of unripe fruit reduces the rise in blood glucose “. It is still able to improve immunity and digestion. Little used, but very beneficial

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