5 ways to lose belly and slim waist!

The ways to lose belly and slim waist work, because it’s not just an aesthetic issue, but also a health issue in general. It is that the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases as the waist circumference increases. If this is your case, here are the tips, juices, teas and some exercises to lose belly and slim waist, recovering the line and health.

Achieving a flat stomach requires a lot of work and motivation, as it is one of the most rebellious areas of the body, being one of the parts where abdominal fat tends to accumulate the most. If you have noticed that in the last few months you have increased your waist size as a result of those extra pounds, here you have some extra help to lose belly and slim waist.

In addition, natural aids, based on the foods you find in the pantry, will not only help you shed those extra pounds, but will also make your daily diet richer, more varied and healthier.

When we eat foods with a lot of calories in our daily lives, we end up accumulating a lot of abdominal fat. In addition, we must consume food in greater quantity and correctly because our body was not made to accumulate this type of fat. All excess calories that we ingest must be spent on activities or exercises, so that it does not turn into fat located mainly in the waist region.

1. Say no to Bread:

This is a good tip on how to lose belly and slim waist . Because removing these carbs from the diet makes us feel more energetic.

2. Say Yes to Protein:

Another good option is to consume plenty of protein. In addition, all animal protein is allowed, because it contains the eight essential amino acids for our body, which we can only obtain through diet. Egg  casserole (which is a good source of Vitamin B and Vitamin D ) are also allowed.

3. Eat Every Four Hours:

This is one of the tips on  how to lose belly and slim waist. Also, we must avoid being hungry, so as not to fall into temptation. That’s why we recommend eating something every four hours: nuts, cereal bars, vegetables… These are foods that contain a lot of minerals, such as Magnesium , which wear out a lot when we are under stress .

4. Eat Fish:

Eating fish is a good alternative to losing belly fat and slimming your waist. Also, all fish is allowed, even daily, but you can only have two servings of shellfish a week as it has a lot of “bad” cholesterol.

5. Choose Vegetables That Grow on the Ground:

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Plants that grow on land have a lower glycemic index than those that grow underground, so they release their energy for a long time, which is a good tip for losing belly fat and slimming your waistline.  Also, in the diet, Potatoes , Turnips , Beetroots and Carrots are not allowed. The rest of the vegetables should be taken daily.

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