The 5 Health Benefits of Narra Leaves

The Health Benefits of Narra Leaves Narra leaves have been important in medicine since ancient times in Asia. The Narra tree is scientifically known as Pterocarpus indicus. People in the Philippines call this tree as ‘narra’ while it is popularly known as ‘angsana’ in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is also known as palisander, as its fragrance is very similar to that of rose. The wood of this tree is popularly used to make furniture.Benefits of Narra Leaves for Lowering Blood Sugar:  Narra  leaves  have an amazing ability to control  blood sugar levels . Some researches have been conducted with  Narra Leaves  that show positive results for patients with diabetes. Extracts from the leaves have successfully reduced blood sugar levels for patients with diabetes.

Benefits of Narra Leaves to Prevent Kidney Stones: Kidney stones are usually made up of calcium. But once it’s formed, getting rid of it can become a big problem. Fortunately, narrative can help us with that. You can take about 3 grams of Narra Leaves and mix it with some cat leaves and Keiji leaves. Mix this mixture with 115 ml of water. Drink this mixture daily to eliminate kidney stones .

Benefits of Narra Leaves to Fight Flu and Diarrhea: Narra leaves havestrong antimicrobial properties. Hence, it can help in curing diseases caused by various microbial infections. Thrush and diarrhea are two very common diseases that occur due to microbial infections. The older narration leaves can be boiled and this solution can be used to treat thrush. As for diarrhea , add a pinch of salt to the solution and drink this mixture.

Benefits of Narra Leaves To Improve Immunity: Narra leaves area medicinal gem due to the presence of a number of useful nutrients. Thus, consumption of these leaves can naturally boost our immunity. The helpful content of these sheets can help provide a great environment within the body for its healthy functioning. It targets and corrects the internal flaws while optimizing the good. Leaves of Narra can be taken as a food supplement to improve the functioning of the immune system .

Benefits of Narra Leaves for Menstrual Cramps: Narra leaves have strong analgesic properties and can help provide relief during periods. Menstrual cramps and the associated pain can be debilitating. But narrative outlets can alleviate that pain. And not just the pain, Narra leaves can also help cure other menstruation related problems like heavy flow, missed periods and premenstrual syndrome.

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