10 Foods Rich in Vitamin A

Foods rich in vitamin A help the body in cell reproduction, hormone functioning, stimulate the immune system, promote bone and dental growth, improve vision, prevent skin, hair and mucous aging. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin and therefore has to be consumed with fat in order to have better absorption.

Vitamin A deficiency can lead to blindness and an increase in viral infections, but deficiency is only considered a problem in developing countries, where it is the leading cause of blindness in children. In addition, the need for vitamin A varies by stage of life:

  • Babies 5 to 12 months: 410 mcg/day.
  • Adult female: between 610 and 710 mcg/day.
  • Adult male: between 610 and 910 mcg/day.
  • Infants: between 1210 and 1310 mcg/day.
  • Pregnant women: 780 mcg/day.

Vitamin A can be obtained through supplements or naturally through food. So, check out the 10 foods rich in Vitamin A.

1. Sweet Potato: The sweet potato is one of the main foods rich in vitamin A. Well, every 60g of sweet potato contains about 1310mg of vitamin A.

2. Carrots: Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, a substance that turns into vitamin A in the body, a medium carrot provides 509 µg. Prefer to consume raw, to take advantage of nutrients.

3. Cod liver oil: Many people take cod liver oil supplements, as they are a strong source of vitamins and minerals. Cod Liver Oil, comes in both liquid and capsule form, contains vitamin D , vitamin A , and omega 3 fatty acids. A tablespoon of cod liver oil will allow you to meet and exceed the recommended daily intake of this vitamin . A for the day. Each serving of one (1 tablespoon) contains about 4080mcg of vitamin A and only 148 colors.

4. Mango: Mangoes are an excellent option for foods rich in vitamin A , as the yellow color indicates that it has beta-carotene. Furthermore, a mango that weighs approximately around 200g contains around 805 mcg of vitamin A.

5. Pumpkin: The yellow-orange color of the pumpkin is a sign that it is rich in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body. A 100g serving of pumpkin contains approximately 250mcg of vitamin A.

6. Cabbage: Cabbage is a great option for foods rich in vitamin A , because every 100g of its consumption contains about 750 mcg.

7. Spinach: Spinach is a food rich in many nutrients, mainly in vitamin A , because for every 100g of its consumption, it contains about 670 mcg of vitamin A. In addition, it is recommended to steam it to conserve its nutrients!

8. Tomato: Tomato isa food rich in many vitamins and minerals and has few calories

9. Papaya: Papaya is a great option for breakfast and can also serve as a snack between meals. Due to beta-carotene, the fruit provides 76 mcg per 100g of its consumption.

10. Dried Apricots: Dried apricots are a great option for a diet and an excellent food rich in vitamin A. For every 90g of its consumption contains about 210mcg of vitamin A.

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