7 health benefits of carqueja tea!

The benefits of carqueja tea are varied and very important for our body, well known as a home remedy for a hangover , Carqueja Tea has always been on grandma’s list of tips for the body’s well-being. As science is always on the lookout to prove – or demystify – what our ancestors knew empirically, studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Carqueja Tea .

The carqueja plant, baccharis genistelloides, is originally from Africa but has also developed well in crops in South America and parts of Europe. Clinical research proves its digestive and cholagogue properties – eliminating bile accumulated in the liver and gallbladder.

Carqueja essential oil, carquejol, stimulates liver cells, increasing bile production and favoring the digestion of fatty foods. Then check out the benefits of Carqueja Tea for Health :

slim down

Some research indicates that this medicinal plant can be a weight loss support because it has thermogenic properties. A thermogenic acts on the body in order to increase body temperature and accelerate metabolism . With this, the body uses the body fat reserves (adipose tissue) to provide energy to the body during the increased and accelerated work of the body after the ingestion of Carqueja Tea .

Carqueja  tea can also help with weight loss because of its diuretic action. With this, it helps eliminate body fluids. It also helps with weight loss because of its fiber content. When ingested, fibers give the body a feeling of satiety and this prevents increased food consumption that can favor weight gain.

However, the weight loss process with the help of this plant is only successful when there is a habit of eating healthy combined with the practice of regular physical activity, otherwise the plant alone is not able to offer such a benefit.

Aid to Diabetics

Carqueja  tea is beneficial for people diagnosed with diabetes  because it reduces the absorption of carbohydrates ingested in food. It is worth remembering that the biggest determinant of blood glucose levels  are carbohydrates .

Hence, the need to control the quantity and quality of carbohydrates  consumed, consuming the complex and low-glycemic sources of carbohydrates, which bring a slow rise in blood sugar levels . Foods with high glycemic index carbohydrates  lead to a higher spike in blood glucose levels over the first two hours after consumption.

Of course, this does not mean that the diabetic can go around gorging himself on carbohydrates  just because he also uses the medicinal plant. It only offers help, but does not reverse the effects that this type of nutrient can cause in the body of the patient with diabetes .

It’s Antioxidant

Another of the benefits  of Carqueja Tea that deserves to be highlighted is its antioxidant action. This also happens thanks to its flavonoids, which have antioxidant action. With this, they can fight disease-causing free radicals and promoters of the aging process, protect the brain and cardiovascular system and improve blood circulation.

Relief for Digestive Problems

People who suffer from gastritis, or other stomach problems , turn to the substance. In addition, Carqueja Tea is also used to prevent ulcers and gastric juice disorders.

Ally of the Digestive System

The medicinal plant is endowed with digestive properties, therefore, it can be considered an ally of the digestive system. In addition, the herb protects the stomach , prevents ulcers – due to the fact that it has extracts with the ability to reduce gastric secretion, whose exaggerated increase may be linked to the development of ulcer – and has an analgesic effect (pain reduction).

Helps Improve the Liver

The flavonoids found in the composition of the medicinal plant, with an emphasis on hispidulin, are endowed with hepatoprotective action. Plus, it means they provide liver protection .

Carqueja  tea can even be used as an aid in the treatment of liver congestion, a condition characterized by the accumulation or excess of stagnant blood in the liver . For cases like this, the recommendation is to consume four cups of Carqueja Tea daily.

It’s an anti-inflammatory

Saponins also found in the composition  of Carqueja Tea have an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, one of the positive consequences that this effect generates is the decrease in cholesterol levels in the body.

Carqueja Tea can be used to help reduce cholesterol . In addition, for that, the recommendation is to consume a cup of Carqueja Tea four times a day.

Carqueja Tea Recipe

Carqueja tea is made with the leaves of the carqueja, a medicinal plant scientifically named Baccharis trimera, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-flu properties.


  • 2 tablespoons of chopped carqueja leaves;
  • 500 ml of water .

Preparation mode:

Place the ingredients in a pan and boil for approximately 5 minutes. Also, cover, let cool, strain and drink immediately. To have all the benefits of Carqueja Tea, you should drink up to 3 cups  of Carqueja Tea per day.


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Do not use in pregnant and lactating women. Use may cause hypotension. Also, avoid concomitant use with medications for hypertension and diabetes . Use intended for people over 12 years old.

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