5 symptoms of cancer in the anus!

The symptoms of cancer in the anus because it is one of the silent diseases that does not have an incidence as high as lung or breast cancer, but which, despite this, exists and we should know about it.

Although the number of cases is not that great, we have to know that this disease has increased in recent years due to different risk factors such as:

  • Tobacco;
  • The higher life expectancy of the population;
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection;
  • It affects men more often, but from the age of 50 it is also common in women.

In addition, on some occasions, people who suffer from hemorrhoids tend to associate bleeding and the appearance of lumps with this problem, and do not give them the importance they deserve. Given that information is always a valuable tool, let’s now look at the main characteristics associated with this disease.

Symptoms of Anus Cancer:

1. Bleeding:

This is the main indicator that we must take into account. Despite this, realizing that we bleed from time to time may be due to other causes that we should always know: In some cases it is hemorrhoids, a simple infection or any other disease that specialists will determine. It is therefore important to consult a doctor about this problem as soon as we notice it.

2. Feeling of “being full”:

Most patients who have developed one of the symptoms of anus cancer  have a feeling of fullness in the rectal area. It is as if there is a mass that bothers and causes a certain itching .

In some cases these masses prevent correct intestinal transit so that the person can even lose control of their anal muscles. At first it is something light and can hardly be noticed. In fact, the most common is to wait up to six months to see a specialist, at which time the symptoms are already more evident.

3. Appearance of “warts”:

The symptoms of cancer in the anus  often coincide with the appearance of warts in the anal area. They can be inside the intestine or outside, causing discomfort.

Many patients often confuse them with simple boils , but it is important to have a medical analysis. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to talk to a doctor about this problem. You will be more relaxed after that.

4. Changes in your intestinal transit:

We all experience small changes in our intestinal transit from time to time. We go through periods of constipation, diarrhea … it’s something relatively normal.

What is not common is to experience certain losses from not being able to control proper retention, or from failure of our intestinal muscles. When the tumors are more advanced, these types of changes occur in which the patient experiences the appearance of a discharge in the anus region.

5. Itching:

We can feel tiredness in the lumbar region , a certain abdominal pressure and, mainly, itching in the anus region.

It is commonly associated with hemorrhoids. That’s why many people turn to creams or treatments to relieve this intimate discomfort that we don’t usually share with anyone.

However, we emphasize once again the need to consult a doctor in case of any of these symptoms. If we get an early diagnosis, the probability of success in the subsequent treatment is very high.

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