The 13 Health Benefits of Borojoa

The benefits of borojoa for health are diverse, because borojoa  has a large amount of essential nutrients for the general health of the body. In addition, borojoa is excellent for brain functions such as memory and concentration. Vegetarians also love borojoa because of its typically high protein and essential amino acid content. Borojoa is known for its high content of protein, vitamins and minerals. It seems that all over the world energy drinks are gaining popularity every day. Borojoa , more than any other fruit in the world, has a high amount of water and soluble Vitamin B which are excellent for health.

In fact, as additional data it should be noted that it is a fruit from the Colombian Pacific coast, and according to some stories it is said that the ancient Afro-Colombian pulp was used for centuries to maintain a high level of energy when making long journeys through from the jungle. Also, you cannot ignore its aphrodisiac ability or the natural properties of “ Viagra ”, which can be attributed in part to these nutrients.

Niacin ( B3 ) is found in very high amounts and in ortho molecular medicine research, it has been shown to help in the treatment of depression , anxiety , arthritis , cancer , and most particularly schizophrenia. Other vitamins and minerals present in large amounts are Iron , Magnesium , Calcium , Phosphorus , Vitamin C , B1, B2 and silicon. So, check out  Borojoa’s 13 Health Benefits.

Benefit of Borojoa To Heal Wounds:  Borojoa isvery effective to fight against cold sores and its application is very simple. You must use a cotton ball that has been soaked in borojoa leaf tea to prepare it. You should let the cotton pad rest on the affected area and then moisturize the affected part several times. This is a method that treats the infection of cold sores.

Borojoa Benefit To Balance Blood Sugar Level:  Borojoa juice  helps to manage blood sugar levels as well as urinating which happens among diabetic person.

Benefit of Borojoa to Control Blood Pressure: Borojoa also contains essential mineral elements . Among them, Potassium and Calcium content is especially high. Potassium  involved in proteins, carbohydrates and energy metabolism and transport of materials, contribute to the prevention and blood pressure .

Benefit of Borojoa to Relieve Cramps:  Borojoa will help fight menstrual cramps . This is due to the high levels of vitamins,  carbohydrates , proteins, fibers.

Benefit of Borojoa for Treating Bronchitis:   Borojoa is one of the most commonly known and widely trusted lung care foods  because of its ability to detoxify the body and clear the airways. Additionally,  borojoa  has long been used to remove toxins from the respiratory tracts, many of which can lead to more serious lung problems.

Borojoa   is a source of Niacin (B3), which can help fight symptoms of depression , anxiety and behavioral problems in children.

Borjoa Benefit For Good Health:  Borojoa is rich in phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that provide health benefits. It can be used for consumption in the following forms: juice, jelly, sauce, pulp, alcoholic beverage, ice cream, capsules and extract.

Borojoa is an Excellent Fortifier: Borojoa strengthens DNA and RNA structures that help in cell regeneration. It can help with cholesterol problems.

Borojoa is an Excellent Source of Carbohydrates: The energy benefit of borojoa is obtained thanks to its high amount of carbohydrates (24 g/100 g). These have as their main function to provide energy benefits for both cells and the organism in general.

Borojoa is Rich in Phosphorus: On the other hand, the second property of borojoa to increase energy has it thanks to its high percentage in phosphorus, a mineral that directly influences the cell’s obtaining energy, which further enhances its energy function .

Benefits of Boroja for Pregnancy: Although it is not proven possible effects that its consumption can have during pregnancy, lactation and children, the fact is that borojoa is very good for memory, and fetal growth.

Benefit of Borojoa To Treat Migraine:  Make a tea with borojoa leaves and when it is hot make a compress on the forehead. Gargling with borojoa leaf tea  cures congestion.

Benefits of Borojoa to Cleanse the Blood: Another thing you can do with borojoa  leaves is to cook for 30 minutes and a liter of purified water to tonify the blood; It is astringent and used against diarrhea , dysentery , tonsillitis , inflammation, chronic and light gingivitis.

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