Don’t do this to get up, many are getting sick!

Warning: 1.5 million dust mites could be living in your bed. We all have different daily routines, but we all make our bed in the morning after getting up. Since we were kids our parents have taught us the routine, but that’s not a very good thing after all.

Research has declared that making the bed immediately after getting up is unhealthy, and leaves a million dust mites inside the mattress and sheets. These type of mites are not seen with the naked eye, and they are feeding on our dead skin cells and sweat, they reproduce quickly and live in our bed, sheets and pillows.

Did you know that there can be up to 1.5 million dust mites in your bed? It is scientifically proven that the real problems begin when antibodies rise and the body releases histamine. Histamine on the other hand is linked with allergies.

If you suddenly start to sneeze, cough, have red and watery eyes, an irritated nose or even have breathing problems , then you definitely have contact with dust mites. And in some people it can look like marks or itchiness .

The only solution to get rid of them is really very easy. Don’t make your bed immediately after getting up. Dust mites will be exposed to sunlight and of course fresh air and soon they will be destroyed. Wash your sheets frequently at least once a week and don’t make your bed until late at night. Everything will be eliminated by air and light and you will live and sleep much healthier.

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