10 Best Supplements to Lose Weight!

The best weight loss supplements are beneficial for those who want to lose weight quickly. because combining a proper diet to lose fat, along with a correct training routine, are two fundamental points when it comes to improving body composition. Within this scenario, there are some tricks to optimize the process and achieve satisfactory results.

Best supplements for losing weight:

1. Caffeine:

Caffeine is one of the best weight loss supplements best known to most people, it has the ability to inhibit two enzymes, catel-O-methyl-transferase and phosphodiesterase, leading to stimulation of lipolysis (breakdown of fats). It will also cause an increase in the metabolic rate through its thermogenic action .

Caffeine also has a diuretic action , therefore, it helps in reducing fluid retention. On the other hand, acting on the nervous system can lead to the maintenance of a state of concentration for the performance of certain tasks, both cognitive and physical.

2. Green tea:

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the most active form of catechins, responsible for the antioxidant power of green tea (another of the well-known weight loss supplements  and also for its anti-inflammatory properties and the metabolic effects associated with fat loss .

The mechanism of action of EGCG is to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down the hormone noradrenaline, resulting in a higher concentration of this catecholamine.

The function of this hormone is to signal fat cells to be metabolized and added to the bloodstream for further oxidation. Hence the increase in caloric expenditure, even in the resting state.

3. Chromium Picolinate:

Chromium picolinate can reduce sugar appetite and between-meal snacking as it produces better insulin control. That is why there is an associated effect of appetite control and increased satiety, which will reduce the extra calorie consumption from these snacks and encourage the weight loss plan . That’s why this compound also falls under the weight loss supplements category.

Studies show that chromium picolinate improves insulin sensitivity to control blood sugar levels and can serve as a safe and reliable weight loss supplement.

4. Coleus forskohlii:

The active ingredient forskolin increases an enzyme called adenylate cyclase and also increases the levels of another enzyme called cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), which acts as a metabolic regulator: cAMP stimulates the hormone-sensitive lipase enzyme and the thyroid.

This mechanism causes the body to increase caloric expenditure, promoting greater use of fatty acids stored in adipose tissue (use of fat reserves as energy).

5. Chlorogenic acid (green coffee extract): 

Among its benefits is its ability to participate in and regulate glucose and fat metabolism . Its property consists of reducing the absorption of carbohydrates that are consumed, which would help in mitigating insulin spikes.

Clinical studies have suggested that chlorogenic acid, used as part of a healthy diet, helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. As a support for fat reduction, chlorogenic acid can improve the function of adinopectin. In that case, when thinking about  supplements to lose weight  , don’t hesitate to include this one in your diet.

6. Raspberry Ketones: 

First, it exerts a thermogenic effect (similar to that caused by synephrine and capsaicin), causing an increase in body temperature. On the other hand, it increases the levels of adiponectin, a hormone that regulates metabolic processes and is secreted by the adipose tissue itself.

It is related to the body’s ability to burn fat, as well as improving insulin sensitivity , regulating blood sugar levels, and preventing chronic hyperinsulinemia. It can be a tool to fight type II diabetes and arterial plaque buildup.

7. Bitter orange (synephrine): 

Bitter orange helps in reducing and controlling appetite, so it encourages consumption of fewer calories per day. It is what is known as an “appetite suppressant”. It is also a powerful thermogenic and has the ability to increase the metabolic rate, which is why it can be considered one of the best weight loss supplements .

The two active principles of this plant (synephrine and octopamine) are structurally similar to those found in ephedrine. Sour orange is a very controversial weight loss supplement. There is some scientific evidence that the ingredients found in bitter orange can help with weight loss , but their safety is questionable.

However, the doses provided in fat loss supplements are controlled and making proper use of the product does not pose any risk.

8. Carnitine: 

Carnitine is a fat transporter, that is, it helps in the transport of fatty acids into the cells, where finally, in the mitochondria, they will be burned and get energy.

Carnitine has no stimulant power, so it can be used by the majority of the population. It is recommended that consumption coincides with the time before starting physical activity . Thanks to this, the weight loss process is supported, because the body becomes more efficient at processing fuel ( fat ), as well as increasing energy levels.

9. Manga africana: 

Thanks to it, adequate levels of the hormones leptin and adiponectin can be maintained, which are responsible for regulating the feeling of hunger and satiety. An interesting property of the African mango is the regulation of blood glucose

Another reason why African mango is one of the weight loss supplements  is because of its ability to regulate the expression of the PPARγ protein (associated with weight gain), decreasing its levels; along with the reduction of adiponectin, the hormone related to fat metabolism and glucose control regulation.

10. Garcinia cambogia: 

The theory behind Garcinia Cambogia’s effect is that HCA can inhibit an enzyme called ATP citrate lyase, which catalyzes the conversion of citrate and coenzyme A to oxaloacetate and acetyl coenzyme A (acetyl-CoA), blocks of fatty acid synthesis and cholesterol.

In this way, it is possible to reduce the accumulation of fat in the tanks and encourage weight control.

This is the list that we have compiled the best supplements to lose weight , however, before using any of these indiscriminately, look for a health professional you trust, he will be able to tell you the type of supplement, the indicated dose and the time of use for you to get the body you want so much.

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