8 weeks pregnant: doubts? All you need to know!

The 8th week of pregnancy is a phase of great changes: the embryo continues to form its organs and the placenta acquires all its functionality to start feeding it. On the other hand, a woman may notice that her belly has grown a little or feels tight at 8 weeks pregnant , although this is not evident in all cases.

The embryo at 8 weeks gestation:

At 8 weeks of gestation, the embryo continues to grow rapidly. Her head is much larger than the rest of her body, which is already starting to elongate and take the shape of the future baby.

The embryo’s facial features are already more evident: the nose and upper lip are formed, the ears begin to take shape and the eyes are covered with the skin that forms the eyelids.

The size of the embryo at 8 weeks pregnant is around 13-18 millimeters and can weigh around 3 grams.

A very important change that happens in the eighth week of gestation is that the skin of the embryo is formed, which is translucent and shows the skeleton formed by still soft cartilage.

The heart already has four chambers, the aortic and pulmonary valves are differentiated, and the blood is pumped very strongly and accelerated, about 180 beats per minute.

At 8 weeks of gestation , it is also possible to see how the embryo’s arms and legs have been elongated and it is possible to distinguish the hands and feet. In addition, the fingers begin to form, although they remain joined by membranes, and the elbows are already visible. As for the brain, it is not fully formed yet, but it is connected to the spinal cord and neural pathways are appearing.

The First Ultrasound:

Once a woman finds out that she is pregnant thanks to a positive pregnancy test, the first appointment with the gynecologist is usually scheduled for approximately week 8.

This week, it is already possible to see the embryo in a first ultrasound, take its measurements and hear the heartbeat. With this, the gestational age of the embryo is confirmed and it is verified whether the pregnancy follows a normal development.

If you are pregnant, you can now get your first ultrasounds at cheaper prices, thanks to the agreements that Assisted Reproduction ORG has with several Spanish clinics.

If you don’t see the embryo or gestational sac on this first ultrasound at 8 weeks’ gestation , it could be an anembryonic pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy, respectively, meaning the pregnancy will end in miscarriage.

The gynecologist will also take the first measurements of the mother’s weight and blood pressure to monitor them during pregnancy.

After this first visit, the following ultrasounds are usually scheduled every 4-6 weeks unless a problem arises during the pregnancy.

Changes in the mother’s body:

In the eighth week of pregnancy , a big change takes place in the mother’s body: the uterus begins to grow. This is still not very obvious to the woman because the belly is not yet bloated.

However, it is possible to notice discomfort due to the enlargement of the uterus, such as punctures and cramps in the belly and legs. In addition, some women even experience sciatica as a result of the pressure exerted by the uterus on this nerve.

The woman may also continue to experience the typical pregnancy symptoms that have accompanied her in the previous weeks, although they may be disappearing. We discuss them below:

Some of these symptoms are related to the hormonal changes that the woman has undergone in the last few weeks and they are all completely normal.

Recommendations for 8 weeks of pregnancy:

As the pregnancy progresses, the woman must pay more attention to the care her body needs, not only to be able to combat the most irritating symptoms, but also to favor the healthy development of her future baby.

1. Food:

The most important nutrients for pregnant women are Folic Acid , Iron , Calcium , Iodine , Zinc , Vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids It is also very important not to skip meals and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

2. Cleaning habits:

It is very important to wash hands and utensils properly before preparing food and to clean fruits and vegetables before consumption. In addition, it will be necessary to cook meat and fish well and avoid raw food, so that there is no risk of toxoplasmosis or listerosis.

3. Harmful substances:

Toxic habits like tobacco, coffee and alcohol must be eliminated from day to day, especially now that the baby’s diet depends on maternal blood and placenta.

4. Physical activity:

Moderate exercise is very important for maintaining a healthy pregnancy, as it helps fight fatigue and other symptoms, provides energy and strength for childbirth, and helps maintain proper weight. The most recommended sports for pregnant women are yoga, pilates, swimming or walking daily.


What happens if I bleed at week 8 of pregnancy?

Some women may experience pinkish discharge or light bleeding during pregnancy, which is not a bad thing. However, if this occurs frequently or if the bleeding is major, it is best to go to the doctor to check that everything is going well. Also, the most common bleeding in pregnancy can be caused by intrauterine bruising, which can pose a threat of miscarriage.

Why am I 8 weeks pregnant if the fetus is only 6 weeks old?

The weeks of pregnancy start counting from the woman’s last period. Therefore, they do not correspond to the gestational weeks of the embryo. Normally, when the woman is 8 weeks pregnant, the embryo is 6 weeks pregnant.

Which month corresponds to 8 weeks?

The eighth week of pregnancy is the last week of the second month of pregnancy. So at 8 weeks pregnant , the woman is exactly 2 months old.

Is it possible to travel or fly by plane at 8 weeks pregnant?

Yes. In principle, it is okay to take a trip, whether by car, train or plane, at this stage of pregnancy. Women who decide to go for walks during pregnancy should take care to stay well hydrated and take as many breaks as necessary to avoid fatigue.

Emotional changes at 8 weeks of pregnancy:

You may seriously doubt if you’re pregnant this week, or if it’s all in your imagination. You may not have had your first prenatal appointment yet, so you are relying on your symptoms to convince you. Be patient. Also, the 8th week of pregnancy is just as important as any other and your baby has come a long way in just 6 weeks since you conceived.

You may be feeling moody and irritable. It’s also normal to have mood swings and not tolerate people or situations like you usually do. It can be hard to feel like you need to explain why you’re not your usual self to others. This is especially true if you’ve chosen to keep the news of your pregnancy alone for a little while longer.

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You may find yourself thinking of the baby as a little person, what sex it will be and even baby names. Thinking about the impact the baby will have on your life will occupy your quietest moments.

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