7 Ointments to Cure External and Internal Hemorrhoids!

Ointments to cure external and internal hemorrhoids are tips for you who suffer from this condition, as they  are just for you to keep in mind which one you will use, but it is probably only purchased with a doctor’s prescription.

In addition, treatment for external hemorrhoids can be done with homemade measures such as sitz baths with warm water, for example.

You can also use anti-inflammatory remedies or hemorrhoid ointments , which are helpful in treatment to relieve pain and discomfort, reducing hemorrhoids quickly. To talk about hemorrhoids and existing ointments on the market for their treatment, it is important to first understand what hemorrhoids are and what their symptoms are.

Hemorrhoid is called the set of vessels that is in the anal canal region, in medicine it is known as hemorrhoidal disease. Most veins in the human body contain valves that help blood flow in the same direction, whereas hemorrhoidal veins do not have these valves to stop the flow of blood.

Therefore, any increase in pressure in these veins leads to excess blood at the site, increasing the risk of dilating them, causing inflammation, swelling and pain.

If you suspect hemorrhoids, it is recommended to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. The specialist will perform several tests to get a clear view of the problem. It will then recommend a treatment, which involves administering medication.

Ointments to cure external and internal hemorrhoids:

1. Ultraproct:

It is a corticosteroid ointment, with analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, which relieves pain, swelling, burning and itching. However, this ointment can be used to treat both internal and external hemorrhoids. The price of Ultraproct varies between R$20.00 and R$30.00.

2. Hemovirtus:

This is one of the  ointments for hemorrhoids  that has an anesthetic and vasoconstrictor action, which can be used in the treatment of both internal and external ones, which treats pain and inflammation, and compresses blood vessels, thus preventing the loss of fluids or blood. In addition, this is an ointment that has Hamamelis in its composition , a natural plant used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. The price of Hemovirtus varies between R$ 17.00 and R$ 22.00.

3. Bepantol derma:

This is one of the  ointments for  external hemorrhoids , and works as a healing and moisturizing agent, which contains vitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol), responsible for nourishing and strengthening the skin, stimulating its formation and natural regeneration. In addition, the price of Bepantol Derma varies between R$ 25.00 and R$ 40.00.

4. Proctosan:

This is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory ointment, used in the treatment and prevention of external hemorrhoids, relieving pain, inflammation, burning and swelling. The price of Proctosan varies between R$30.00 and R$40.00.

5. Nebacetin:

This is an antibiotic ointment used in the treatment of external hemorrhoids, which contains the antibiotics Neomycin and Bacitracin, which treat skin and mucosa wounds, preventing infections and helping the skin to heal. However, the price of Nebacetin varies between R$10.00 and R$22.00.

6. Proctyl:

This is an anesthetic and astringent ointment, which can be used to treat internal or external hemorrhoids, which treats pain and inflammation, and constricts blood vessels, thus stopping bleeding. The price of Proctyl varies between R$35.00 and R$45.00.

What is hemorrhoid ointment used for?

The ointments for hemorrhoids are used to make the treatment that benefits and helps a lot with great pain relief, being a simpler way of healing without having to use any surgical intervention that would take longer to do.

In addition, these  ointments for hemorrhoids will be a more practical substance passing on the site of inflammation fighting and reducing swelling, treating hemorrhoids more efficiently by reducing their size.

What is the best ointment for external hemorrhoids?

This is a natural ointment that can be prepared at home, its main ingredient being made from the bark of the Hamamelis virginica plant. This ointment can be applied daily to external hemorrhoids, relieving pain, discomfort and irritation.


– 4 tablespoons of witch hazel husks ;
– 60 ml of liquid paraffin;
– 60 ml of glycerin .

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Preparation mode:

  1. In a pan add the witch hazel husks and the liquid paraffin, let it boil for 5 minutes.
  2. Then strain the obtained mixture, add the glycerin and mix well.
  3. Then put the ointment obtained in a container with a lid and keep it in the fridge.
  4. Use whenever necessary.

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