Mulungu tea: what it is, benefits and how to make it

The properties of mulungu tea include its calming, analgesic, diuretic, hypotensive, tranquilizing, antidepressant, antibacterial, antispasmodic, tonic and anti-inflammatory action. It is very effective in treating stress -related psychological problems and is known to stabilize the central nervous system.

What is god?

Mulungu is a Brazilian medicinal plant, which is also known by the names of pocket knife , parrot’s beak and corticeira . This plant is common in the central region of Brazil, grows spontaneously and has orange coral flowers and its bark has properties, being widely used in the preparation of teas and in several treatments. In addition, it can be purchased at health food stores in the form of a plant or tincture.

Health benefits of god tea:

1. Fight smoking:

Today, many people suffer from smoking, which is a very difficult addiction to break. However, those who believe in the power of herbs can use mulungu tea  as an ally. This is because the bark of this plant contains erisodine, which is an alkaloid-like substance.

Thus, the nicotine receptors are blocked, in this way, the person no longer wants to smoke.

2. Supports liver health:

Mulungu tea is able to protect the liver. This is because the medicinal herb has antioxidant action, in this way, the drink helps to tone the organs, especially the liver. Anyone who suffers from liver problems should drink tea whenever possible.

3. Fights stress:

The stressful life of people in recent years has affected the health and well-being of families. In addition, mulungu tea  can be an ally to control the very high stress that people have been facing. This is because the drink has a proven tranquilizing effect.

Other benefits of god tea:

  • It has analgesic action , helping to combat pain;
  • It is a mild diuretic, fighting swelling and fluid retention;
  • It can lower blood pressure ;
  • Improves cough because it acts as an expectorant;
  • It has a tranquilizing and slightly sedative effect;
  • Reduces insomnia and improves sleep quality;
  • It is a natural anti-inflammatory ;
  • It acts as a bactericide.

How to make mulungu tea?

After knowing a little about mulungu tea , it’s time to learn how to make tea.


– 200 ml of filtered water ;
– 4g of mulungu trunk bark.

Preparation method:

  1. To start brewing tea you will need a pot with a lid;
  2. Take the container to the fire with the water;
  3. As soon as it starts to bubble, turn off the heat and add the mulungu bark;
  4. Then let the mixture stand for about 10 minutes;
  5. After this time, use a sieve to separate the tea husk;
  6. Drink the tea while still warm, preferably.

Side effects:

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Side effects  of mulungu tea include sedation, drowsiness and muscle paralysis. In addition, it is contraindicated for people using antihypertensive medications, as they can greatly lower blood pressure and cause hypotension.

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