The 12 Health Benefits of Umbu

The benefits of Umbu are diverse. Well, umbu has a large amount of essential nutrients for the general health of our body. In addition, the  Umbu or imbu is the fruit of the umbuzeiro or imbuzeiro, it is a small tree, originating in the semi-arid plateaus of the Brazilian Northeast, which stands out for providing shade and warmth.The leaves of the umbu tree , of great nutritional value, with a “sour” taste, are also used as food by human beings. Umbu comes from the Tupi Guarani and means “root that gives drink” in allusion to the tuberous roots rich in water. It is also called: Imbu do Nordeste, Cajá rameiro, Cajá do Sertão and Manguinha da caatinga.

Umbu has a large amount of Vitamin A , Vitamin C and B vitamins, in addition to Calcium , Iron and Phosphorus . Also, Umbu , which surpasses Orange in Vitamin C. Regarding Vitamin C , umbu has 33 milligrams per 100 grams of fruit.

Umbu is also a great source of protein, in its composition (for every 100g), 0.6g of protein, Iron , Phosphorus and Calcium , in addition to Vitamin A , Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C is an average caloric value of 44 calories per 100g of fruit. It is a fruit of the anacardiaceae family, to which cashew and mango belong, for example . So, Check out the 12 Benefits of Umbu for Health .

Benefits of Umbu as a Powerful Energetic: Umbu is a source of energy, as its pulp acts as a powerful energy source, formed by a high amount of carbohydrates and vitamin B and Vitamin C. Umbu is basically consumed when it is ripe or in the process of ripening , its leaves are also used in cooking.

Umbu is an Excellent Source of Vitamin B: Vitamin B is water soluble and not produced in sufficient quantities by the human body, so it must be acquired through food such as umbu . In addition, Vitamin B is very important for our body, as it acts in the metabolism of glucose, fatty acids and amino acids. The lack of vitamin B can cause muscle weakness, memory loss, lack of energy.

Umbu is an Excellent Source of Vitamin C: Umbu is a rich source of Vitamin C , being excellent in defending the body and helping to fight infections, also very important for the synthesis of collagen, which is an essential component, to maintain the skin vessel structure.

Umbu Helps With Gas: Umbu has water in its pulp and antispasmodic property that, in addition to eliminating gas, helps to reduce pain, facilitate the elimination of feces that may be causing gas. When you have gas, try to avoid sodas and beer.

Benefits of Umbu for Weight Loss: Low  -calorie and very nutritious foods are very welcome in the meals of people who want to lose weight, as they provide part of the nutrients that the body needs to function properly without bringing the accumulation of calories, as is the case. of umbu fruit.

Benefits of Umbu as an Antioxidant:  A study carried out by researchers from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) together with a professor from the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Sertão Pernambucano (IF-Sertão) proved the presence of antioxidants in umbu fruit .

Among them, polyphenols that have antioxidant properties and fight free radicals that cause problems such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis, as well as being largely responsible for the aging process.

Benefits of Umbu for the Intestine:  Another belief in home medicine is that the umbu fruit wateris vermifuge, that is, it has the action of killing, destroying or expelling worms from the intestine. However, as we talk about corneal problems, it is necessary to treat the complication with medical supervision and not only with home remedies, consulting the specialist to find out if the fruit can really help.

Other Health Benefits of Umbu:

  • Umbu assists in the elimination of toxins.
  • Umbu fights corneal diseases .
  • Umbu prevents the formation of tumors .
  • Umbu has a beneficial effect against malnutrition.

In addition to being highly consumed naturally, umbu is also used to prepare pulp, juice, ice cream, jam, jelly and many other products.

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