10 Foods Rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin needed by the body for calcium absorption , bone development, immune system function and the relief of inflammation. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets, a weakened immune system, increased risk of cancer, poor hair growth, and osteomalacia. however,  too much Vitamin D can cause unnecessary absorption of calcium , leading to an increased risk of heart disease and kidney stones. for these reasons, continue to be and know the ideal amount of Vitamin D  needed in the day.

Most people know that to build and maintain strong bones and teeth, you need to eat calcium-rich foods like milk and yogurt . But you may not know that vitamin D plays an equally important role, it’s what allows your body to absorb the calcium and other minerals you need. Some people choose to ingest Vitamin D in the form of supplements, to reach the daily recommendation, which is 600 International Units (IUs) for adults. However, there are many natural sources, and by including a little each day, you can bring many benefits to the body.

The individuals most likely to develop diseases related to a lack of vitamin D in the body are premature babies, children and the elderly, when they do not have a good diet and do not get the sun often. That’s why it’s important to include Foods Rich in Vitamin D in your diet each day to meet your daily requirement.

1. Cod Liver Oil: Cod liver oil has been a popular supplement for many years and naturally contains high levels of vitamin D. Cod liver oil has a varying concentration of vitamin D and you should check the formula before purchasing.

2. Egg: Egg yolks arean excellent source of vitamin D. Well, it contains about 37 IUs of vitamin D per egg.

3. Oysters: Oysters arean excellent source of several vitamins, such as Vitamin B12 , Zinc , Iron , Manganese , Selenium , Copper andespecially Vitamin D. for every 100g of its consumption, it contains about 81 IUs ofvitamin D.

4. Orange Juice: Orange juice is a great example of Foods Rich in Vitamin D. in addition, it provides an important amount of calcium and vitamin C. remembering that each 200 ml glass of juice contains about 88 and 150 IUs of vitamin D.

5. Canned tuna: Tuna is a great food and still provides a significant amount of Vitamin D , each 100g of canned tuna and preserved in water provides 154 IUs, in addition, tuna preserved in oil contains even more vitamin D , in however, it is more greasy.

6. Mushrooms: Most store-bought mushrooms contain very little vitamin D , but check the nutrition label: Some commercial growers expose their mushrooms to ultraviolet light, which skyrockets the vitamin D content , up to about 100 to 275 IUs. for 3 servings. And some varieties, such as prima (178 IUs), morel (173 IUs), and maitake (243 IUs), naturally provide a significant dose in every 3 servings.

7. Sardines: Canned sardines are a great option for foods rich in vitamin D , each can of sardines contains about 46 UIS, which represents about 13% of the daily recommended value.

8. Salmon: Fish are an excellent source of vitamin D rich foods , Salmon is a fine example of these as it offers approximately 100g of canned food offering 650 IUs, more than you need for a day.

9. Liver steak: Liver steak is a great option for foods rich in vitamin D , as the About 100g of its consumption contains about 42 IUs of Vitamin D , in addition to being a great source of iron.

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10. Milk: For many people, when they think of milk benefits , the first word that comes to mind is calcium. Milk also provides substantial amounts ofvitamin D. If you cannot tolerate consuming lactose, choose soy, almond or rice milk as they contain similar amounts to foods rich in vitamin D. In addition, every 100ml ofmilk contains around 100 IU of vitamin D.

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