Top 10 Symptoms of Depression

The Main Symptoms of Depression It is  a mental illness that is characterized by sadness. In addition,  in some cases it can cause signs that are not easily noticed by the person with the disease or by the people around them and therefore go unnoticed, delaying their diagnosis and impairing their control, which can even lead to a worsening of the condition. painting. To prevent this from happening, we have listed 10 symptoms that may be worth a consultation with a professional, especially if they last a long time or if they show up together.

Depression is a psychological illness caused by a series of psychological disorders that can have numerous origins, from physical to social problems. So, check out now  The Top 10 Symptoms of Depression.

Constant Sadness:  One of the main symptoms of depression is when the subject is very sad and this sadness does not seem to go away. The person cries constantly and nothing seems to make him happy, not even what made him happy before: the presence of friends or family, a pleasant walk or a comedy on television. This symptom of depression is usually more easily noticed by close relatives and friends.

Feelings of Guilt and Low Self-Esteem:  One of the main symptoms of depression is when a person feels too much guilt about something and, because of that, he thinks he doesn’t deserve to live or be happy. The subject gets low self-esteem and loses his confidence, causing him to give up on challenges he is capable of facing.

Lack of Energy, Tiredness:  This is one of the two  main physical symptoms of depression  . It usually occurs when the psychic symptoms (sadness, apathy and low self-esteem) start to manifest themselves in the person’s physical as well. And then she loses the will to leave the house to work, play sports or go out with friends.

Eating Disorders:  For many people, depression mainly manifests itself when eating. And then some start to eat compulsively, while others can’t even put a spoon of food in their mouth. Therefore, excessive weight gain or loss can be another symptom of depression .

Difficulty in Concentration:  The person is scattered, inattentive and not objective, The  Main Symptoms of Depression leaves you as if you were in the moonlight at times, a factor that is usually attributed to the class that is naturally more detached, that is very tired or with mental stress.

Sleep Disorders:  They can appear in the form of insomnia , which is the most recurrent, such as restless and unrefreshing sleep and even the so-called hypersomnia, in which the person sleeps too much and becomes very sleepy during the day, thinking all the time. time to go back to bed.

Carelessness with Appearance and Personal Hygiene:  Habits such as bathing and shaving are often forgotten, as well as other cleaning care, and vanity is totally abandoned, turning you into a rather sloppy person, these  Symptoms of Depression  leaveyou are very weakened to the point of not caring but the appearance.

Loss of Sexual Desire:  This symptom is considered normal these days, as we live stressed and without time, which causes wear in the relationship and lack of rapport, but the drop in libido can also be a sign of depression .

Introversion:  It happens the withdrawal of friends, relatives and routine activities with which the person obtained pleasure. This condition can be interpreted as a difficult phase, but if there is no apparent cause and it is associated with other changes in behavior, it can signal depression .

Bad Mood, Irritability and Aggression:  The depressed person can live with a short temper and get irritated very easily, characteristics that people around him associate with his personality or with some problem, but do not realize that they can be a sign of something pathological. There can also be an excess of anxiety that leads to insecurity and lack of initiative.

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