The 8 Main Symptoms of Bone Cyst!

The Main Symptoms of Bone Cyst that everyone should be aware of. Also, Bone Cyst Bone cyst is a fluid-filled hole that develops inside a bone. They mostly occur in children and young adults. So, check out  The 8 Main Symptoms of Bone Cyst:

What is Bone Cyst: A Bone Cyst is a fluid-filled hole that develops inside a bone . They mostly occur in children and young adults. Bone cysts usually do not cause symptoms, they are not cancerous, and they usually do not pose a serious health threat.

However, larger cysts can cause a bone  to weaken, making it more vulnerable to fracture. This can lead to symptoms such as pain, swelling, or not being able to move or put weight on a part of the body. Exactly what causes the build up of fluid that leads to a Bone Cyst is not known , but several theories have been suggested, including damage to the blood vessels in the bone .

Bone Cyst Symptoms: Bone cysts do not cause any symptoms in the initial stage, but over time, you may experience symptoms like mild swelling or pain in theaffected bone . Although this is the most common arm and leg bones  , the condition can also affect the jaw.

If left untreated for a considerable period of time, it can cause the bone to weaken , which can ultimately lead to breakage even when the bone  is subjected to a mild stroke. Some people may also have difficulty gaining weight or putting pressure on the affected leg. As this is a non-cancerous growth, there is rarely a risk of getting bruising.

Causes of Bone Cysts:  It is not yet clear what causes most bone tumors. Doctors believe that the disease starts with an error in the cell’s DNA. This error causes the cell to grow and divide in shape. This accumulation of cells forms a mass, or tumor, that can invade nearby areas and can also spread to other parts of the body.

Treatment of Bone Cysts:

  • Most bone cysts heal within six months to a year without the need for treatment.
  • If a bone cyst will not improve, or if treatment is recommended to help reduce the risk of a fracture, several treatment options are available.
  • For example, steroids can be injected into the bone  to encourage the cyst to heal.
  • If the bone is still not healing, surgery may be needed to treat the cyst.
  • However, there is a one in three chance that a Bone Cyst  will certainly recur in the future, usually within two years.

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