Duane Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments!

Duane Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments that we should not ignore. In addition, Duane syndrome, also known as calm-Turk-Duane syndrome, is a disease that occurs in ocular motility that is caused by abnormal innervation of the lateral rectus oculi muscle , according to statistics, this syndrome often affects more often than female and is considered to be hereditary.

Duane resembles paralysis doctors usually diagnose it that way, a unilateral paralysis in most cases occur in the left eye  , the name of this syndrome scientists who described it during the years 1887 and 1905 their names are calming and Türk, who named it must Duane.

Causes of Duane  Syndrome: Duane Syndrome is a disease acquired from birth, caused by changes in the oculomotor third nerve or well in some cases it is due to the absence of the sixth cranial nerve, known as abducens.

This syndrome is usually associated with Klippel-Feil syndrome which causes malformations in the face, teeth and ears, it is autosomal. Duane syndrome usually causes strabismus and torticollis this is due to the position to be adopted by the person who has this disorder and the movements to make to obtain a better visual field.

Symptoms of Deuane Syndrome:  The main symptom that occurs in this disease is the limitation that the patient has to perform certain movements in any of the eyes , making the visual field of the affected person difficult and causing a very noticeable deviation. These limitations are known as:

  • Abduction: Movement that takes the eye , nose out;
  • Adduction: Movement that brings the eye to the nose;

Swarms and Tests:  For this syndrome there is no medical examination because, the symptoms being so obvious, the naked eye medical advisor is able to determine the existence of Duane syndrome.

There is no treatment to control this type of syndrome since, in the absence or deficiency of ocular nerves, there is no solution through medication, however, in these cases, we usually turn to surgery to help a little to correct the deviation. look;

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