6 health benefits of yuzu fruit!

Yuzu fruit has nutrients that fight various diseases. If you’re like most people, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard. But while this tasty citrus fruit may be unfamiliar to many, it has been an integral part of Asian cuisine and culture for centuries.

Yuzu fruit oil  has also been traditionally used as an essential oil to keep skin smooth, increase circulation, and boost immunity. In addition, it also contains many beneficial compounds that have been found to reduce inflammation, stop blood clotting, and promote better health.

Health benefits of yuzu fruit:

1. Helps improve mood:

Yuzu fruit is well known for its therapeutic citrus fragrance, which has been shown to have mood-boosting and stress-reducing properties. A recent 2017 study measured the effects of yuzu perfume on 17 women with premenstrual symptoms.

Additionally, it was found to improve the mood of participants by decreasing levels of anger, anxiety and fatigue. Other studies have found that inhaling yuzu perfume for just ten minutes lessened mood disturbances and reduced emotional stress.

2. Against inflammation:

Inflammation is a normal immune response that occurs in the body as a result of tissue injury or damage. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, can be dangerous and can contribute to the development of disease.

Yuzu fruit is rich in antioxidants , compounds that help neutralize harmful free radicals, which can cause inflammation and chronic disease. One study showed that limonene, a compound that is concentrated in the yuzu bark, helped to decrease inflammation and prevented the formation of free radicals.

Other parts of yuzu may also contain powerful antioxidants . In fact, a 2014 study showed that yuzu seed oil contained twice the potent antioxidant activity of antioxidant-rich grapefruit seed oil . In addition to yuzu fruit , other anti-inflammatory foods  include green leafy vegetables, berries, ginger , and turmeric.

3. Helps to inhibit blood clotting:

Blood clotting is an important process that helps prevent excessive bleeding. However, some people may be at an increased risk of harmful blood clots that can block blood flow and cause problems such as a heart attack, stroke, or pulmonary embolism.

4. Increased immunity:

Yuzu fruit is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants , both of which can improve immune health and keep you healthy. A review in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism reported that vitamin C may be able to reduce the duration and severity of respiratory tract infections .

It can also prevent pneumonia, malaria and diarrhea, as well as improve outcomes for these problems. antioxidants  can also keep your immune system strong. Antioxidants  prevent damage to your immune cells by neutralizing free radicals and protecting against infections  caused by bacteria or viruses.

5. Helps reduce the risk of chronic disease:

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects of yuzu fruit , it can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases. This is because inflammation is linked to the development of many chronic diseases. Cancer and coronary heart disease, for example, have been linked to chronic inflammation in several studies.

Inflammation has also been linked to some lung diseases, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and certain neurological problems. Combining lots of  high antioxidant foods with a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of chronic disease and also provide you with better health.

6. Brain health:

Yuzu  fruit contains certain beneficial compounds that have been shown to prevent cognitive decline and optimize your brain health. In a published study, treating mice with yuzu extract was found to prevent cognitive dysfunction by reducing the buildup of beta-amyloid proteins in the brain.

The accumulation of beta-amyloid proteins is believed to contribute to the development of cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, the antioxidants  found in yuzu can prevent free radical damage to keep the brain healthy and prevent other neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease .

Yuzu fruit side effects:

Although rare, some people may be allergic to yuzu fruit . If you have a citrus allergy, you should not consume it. Symptoms of an allergic reaction can include tingling and itching of the lips, tongue, and throat, as well as redness and swelling.

Some people may also be allergic to citrus peels . Coming into contact with the Yuzu fruit peel can result in contact dermatitis symptoms such as burning, itching, or dry, flaky skin. If you experience these, or any other adverse side effects caused by it, discontinue use immediately and speak to your doctor.

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As  yuzu fruit may have an anticoagulant effect, it may interact with blood thinners such as Warfarin and Coumadin. If you are taking these medications, you should avoid them. For most people, though, yuzu can be safe and effective for flavoring food , improving mood, and improving health.

Yuzu fruit key points:

  • Yuzu fruit is a citrus fruit native to China but very popular in Japan and Korea.
  • While not typically eaten whole, the rind and zest are common additions to sauces, dressings, and desserts. The oil is also mixed with lotions, diffused or used to prepare hot baths.
  • Look for yuzu in oil, juice or powder form and experience the unique taste, relaxing fragrance and plethora of health benefits.

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