Red tea – lose up to 6kg in 15 days!

This red tea or “fat eater” is really miraculous, it makes you lose up to 6 kg in just 15 days, looking like a miracle! Dry the belly and reduce body measurements! It is without a doubt the best tea of ​​the “To lose weight ” genre . In addition, It is ideal to lose weight quickly, in a simple and 100% natural way.

It also comes from the same plant, Camelia sinensis, which produces the teas White Tea , Black Tea and Green Tea . What makes it different is the way it is prepared, in addition to the benefits, its wealth comes from a noble origin.

In addition, red tea is one of the most demanded products when it comes to losing weight . and its fat burning properties can work well when it comes to losing weight. Are you tired of always taking it the same way? Try it differently.

Red tea has great potential to lose weight and that is why it has become one of the most used natural products for this purpose. But, at the same time, many people can get bored of always consuming it in the same way.

Fortunately, you can enjoy its fat-burning properties in very different ways, further away from the classic infusion format.

Health benefits of red tea:

  1. It contributes to weight loss, as it accelerates metabolism and reduces bad cholesterol (LDL).
  2. It wards off flu and cold symptoms and strengthens the entire immune system.
  3. Its detox effect promotes cleansing of the body and eliminates free radicals.
  4. Important method to prevent cardiovascular diseases, cancer and degenerative diseases of the brain.
  5. Stimulates cognitive performance and increases memory capacity.
  6. Reduces appetite and stimulates the feeling of satiety.
  7. It delays premature aging by helping the skin maintain its youthful appearance.
  8. Fights intestinal discomfort, ending the lazy intestine.
  9. It alleviates the symptoms of PMS and eliminates the pain of menstrual cramps.

How to consume red tea?

This tea has the possibility of consumption in capsules, powder or soluble, can be consumed cold or hot, and is easily found. In addition, its consumption should be carried out in the intervals between the main meals, and preferably in the daytime, as the night can disturb sleep.

Red tea is slimming and depending on the form of consumption, it can provide the inclusion of ingredients to vary the flavor and provide greater acceptance for consumption.

How to make red tea with cinnamon and ginger?


– 1 liter of water ,
– 2 tablespoons of red tea leaves ,
– 1 cinnamon stick,
– 1 piece of ginger root ,
– Honey or sweetener to taste.

Preparation method:

  1. Let the water  boil;
  2. Then add the red tea leaves , cinnamon and ginger  , peeled and in small pieces;
  3. Turn off the heat and cover;
  4. letting the drink rest for 5 minutes;
  5. Strain and drink immediately;
  6. The ideal is to take it without sugar;
  7. If you prefer, add sweetener;

How to drink:

It is recommended to drink three glasses a day, one in the morning (before or during breakfast), one after lunch and one after dinner.

What is the recommended dose of red tea per day?

It should only be taken 2 times a day, which is enough to lose weight. Stick to that daily limit and get the best calorie loss results you can imagine. Transforming your body and leaving your belly dry.


Consumption is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, people who suffer from clotting disorders, diabetics and people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome .

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