Egg to make eyelashes grow in just 7 days!

The egg to make eyelashes grow naturally works very well, because if you want to have big eyelashes these tips are essential and natural and easy to do. The size of your eyelashes is determined by genetics, but there are certain habits and foods that can encourage their growth.

Chances are you have enough information about how to get longer eyelashes A study has indicated that the loss or loss of eyelashes can be exacerbated by a lack of certain vitamins , which stimulate hair growth in general from water .

Getting bigger eyelashes is often determined by genetics, but there are certain treatments and habits that can help grow eyelashes. If you take some of these vitamins and follow these tips, your eyelashes will grow in less time than you think.

Egg recipe to make eyelashes grow:

1. Biotin:

It is one of the vitamins that work best for hair growth. Known as vitamin H. Biotin is very important for the maintenance of keratin, which is a protein that can be found in hair, nails and skin . Thus, biotin will not only help your hair but it will help you to have longer eyelashes. You can find biotin in the following foods:

  1. egg yolk ;
  2. Brewer ‘s yeast ;
  3. Nuts , such as almonds and walnuts;
  4. Military.

2. Calcium:

It is true that calcium is excellent for maintaining bones and joints, but it is also an important component for hair growth. If you want to consume it naturally, these are some foods that contain it:

  1. Leite;
  2. In addition, cheese ;
  3. yogurt ;
  4. In addition, fish ;
  5. kale ;
  6. Chickpeas ;
  7. Figo;
  8. Almonds .

Now that you know these tips for growing eyelashes , in a month you will notice the difference!

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