Garcinia cambogia – what is it, what is it for, side effects!

Garcinia cambogia is a very popular exotic fruit used for weight loss; it is a tropical fruit, yellow-green or yellowish in color. It grows in Southeast Asia and India, with HCA (hydroxycitric acid) as its active ingredient.

In your region, this fruit is used as a seasoning for some dishes, for flavoring, as well as for medicinal purposes. However, in the West, it became known as an aid for weight loss , because hydroxycitric acid has the function of inhibiting the use of fat by the body.

The use of the fruit has been increasing very fast in the United States due to the desire of individuals to lose weight. The country has the largest population of obese people in the world and many Americans want to know “the magic formula” for weight loss.

However, the cornerstone of fitness is the prudent choice of food and exercise. If the two are combined with quality ergogenic products, ideal weight maintenance is likely to be more concrete as it becomes a way of life.

What is Garcinia Cambogia for:

How to use Garcinia Cambogia:

Garcinia Cambogia is used in capsules and tea and its dose should be recommended by a specialist.

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects:

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Garcinia Cambogia can cause headaches, nausea , minor stomach problems and, like all medicinal herbs, the use of larger doses can cause poisoning. So if you want a fruit to benefit your health, garcinia cambogia can help.

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