What are the main causes of Labyrinthitis? Find it out.

What are the main causes of labyrinthitis? Find it out.  In addition, Labyrinthitis is an ear disease  that affects the labyrinth and its structures responsible for hearing  (cochlea) and balance (vestibule). People often call any disorder in the inner ear region labyrinthitis . The correct term is labyrinthopathy, being labyrinthitis one of them, living with a constant feeling of vertigo is not easy. Labyrinthitis , is the popular term used to define disorders related to balance and hearing , affects millions of Brazilians and, although it is a disease that is difficult to control, it can still be treated.

To understand how labyrinthitis occurs, we need to understand how our ear  is linked to balance. The cochlea (or snail) is a structure in the ear  that is responsible for our hearing  and the vestibule takes care of balance. Together, the cochlea and vestibule form the labyrinth. If these structures are affected individually or separately, symptoms of labyrinthitis appear, such as dizziness  , imbalance, deafness or tinnitus.

Main Causes of Labyrinthitis: Labyrinth diseases can have several causes and can even be a sign of important diseases. Among the many causes of labyrinth problems we can mention:

  • Diseases like diabetes , hypertension and rheumatism is also a cause of labyrinthitis.
  • Use of ototoxic drugs, such as some antibiotics and anti-inflammatories that affect the ear
  • Sudden changes in ear pressure , such as when planes take off
  • Virus or bacterial infections
  • Changes in organic metabolism
  • Ear diseases
  • Bad habits, such as excessive consumption of caffeine  or alcohol, smoking, and even drug use
  • sound trauma
  • Cervical spine and jaw joint problems
  • Stress  and other psychological problems
  • head injuries

Symptoms of Labyrinthitis:  The main symptom of labyrinthitis is vertigo, in which the person feels that everything around them is spinning. It can often be accompanied by other symptoms of labyrinthitis , such as:

Prevention of Labyrinthitis:  Yes, with some basic care it is possible to stay away from the problem of labyrinthitis . Check out some tips:

Healthy Living : Avoid bad habits such as smoking, alcohol and excess caffeine , which can negatively influence dizziness  and tinnitus.

Do Physical Exercises:  They improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, decrease the risk of heart disease, prevent obesity and strengthen muscles. Among the most recommended options for treating  labyrinthitis  is walking.

Take care of food:  Try to eat every three hours, avoid excess salt and sugar are not recommended. Abuse of fruits, vegetables, milk and vegetables. Drink two liters of water a day. And avoid stress , which worsens any organic condition.

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