15 weeks pregnant: doubts? All you need to know!

Everything you need to know about 15 weeks of pregnancy to take care of your pregnancy because how that belly grows! A week in which you can no longer disguise your pregnant state, the belly grows little by little so that the uterus adapts to the size of the developing fetus, which now measures almost 11 centimeters. In addition, your Nausea will disappear completely and you will feel more vital and happy.

At 15 Weeks Pregnancy , the baby’s skin is covered with soft, fine hair called lanugo, which will almost completely disappear before birth. At this stage some babies suck their thumbs. The child continues to grow. The neck elongates and the head is not so inclined towards the chest.

The mother’s symptoms at 15 weeks gestation:

Surely you have already noticed how the belly and other certain parts of the body, such as the pelvis or waist, are getting fat. You will have gained a few pounds, around 3, and if not, it’s not a problem as there are differences between pregnant women. Also, the problem is shown when pregorexia manifests itself, a serious condition that requires a medical solution. Do not eat less than necessary, do not abstain because you can harm the fetus. Don’t get obsessed with too much exercise, walking 30 minutes a day is enough.

But there are more possible symptoms:

  • Swelling , due to increased blood volume and a change in estrogen.
  • Stuffy nose is a symptom that was explained in the previous week, and it is due, once again, to the hormonal change in the matrix, which causes the secretion of additional mucus to reduce the likelihood of infection by bacteria and viruses.
  • Gas and spontaneous flatulence due to dilation of the digestive system.
  • This week and the rest of the pregnancy, you should no longer experience vomiting or nausea .

There is a hormone, known as HCG, whose levels are regulated from two or three weeks ago, so the discomfort should gradually dissipate by today. If not, do not hesitate to consult your gynecologist, but we have already told you that there are women in whom Nausea  does not disappear within 9 months of pregnancy.

Changes in the mother at 15 weeks of pregnancy:

Pregnancy begins to produce changes in the skin and hair. It is relatively normal for some women to notice an increase in hair and sometimes small warts appear on the abdomen. They can also increase the number of freckles and sometimes blemishes on the face.

More rarely, some women may even notice a very significant increase in pigmentation on the face, such as darker skin, especially on the front, nose and cheekbones, and on the upper lip, which appears to take on a mask-like shape. Its technical name is chloasma gravidarum, it is usually mild, and disappears after pregnancy.

Finally, a light brown line may appear on the belly that crosses the center of the pubis to the navel. This line is called the linea alba and it also disappears after birth. All these changes occur because there have been changes in the production of melanin, the substance that we have in the skin and that is released with exposure to the sun, producing the brown tone of the skin.

In pregnancy, melanin release can occur even without sun exposure. But obviously being exposed will make the changes show up if they are much more marked up. Sun sensitivity increases greatly in pregnancy and this will release even more melanin. For this reason, it is very important to take precautions and follow adequate sun protection with high protection factors.

These weeks you will no longer need to urinate as often during the night or you will still suffer from back pain, although you will probably also suffer from insomnia or vivid dreams that disturb your sleep, something you may struggle with, for example, eat a snack at night. containing  eggs , milk , tuna or turkey, all of which are the source of the amino acid tryptophan, which helps you sleep; impregnating the pillow with a few drops of lavender oil ; cut back on caffeine and take a chamomile or a bath before going to bed.

Facts for 15 weeks pregnant:

A heightened sense of smell is one way to steer you away from food that could be bad for your baby; 1 in 3 women get red palms (also known as palmar erythema) caused by increased body temperature and blood flow, it is not harmful, the soles of the feet can also turn red.

Mood at 15 weeks gestation:

Your mood is generally good, although you may still experience some discomfort such as a stuffy nose. This is because the nasal mucous membranes are hormone dependent, as increasing the level of estrogen in your body causes this mucous layer to swell and you secrete more mucus. So it’s called pregnancy rhinitis, it’s very common and steam baths can help you breathe better.

How is the baby at 15 weeks of pregnancy:

In the week before, the future baby reached 10 centimeters in height, and it is measured close to 11. Its weight is also greater and it certainly feels under its belly, you can compare it to an average banana to get an idea.

One of the aspects that stand out of the fetus in this period of pregnancy is its breathing. He is “inhaling” the amniotic fluid that surrounds him so that his lungs become robust and strong. In addition, he also swallows and gets rid of waste through urine. Regarding their extremities, they continue in constant movement, flexing their developing legs and arms, as well as stretching their hands and closing them into fists.

Your eyes will remain closed for about 10 to 12 weeks or so, but this is the time when your baby will open their eyelids for the first time. However, her vision is developing and could respond to light stimuli. Following the senses, the taste buds are created to have the taste.

Actually, not much is known about this fact, but there are scientists who say that what the mother eats, the baby can later feel. And, as if that wasn’t enough, he could take healthy food from his belly! That’s because, during pregnancy, some of the flavors of these nutrients are transported into the amniotic fluid itself. If you want your child to eat healthy before birth, you don’t lose anything by trying: on the contrary, you can gain a lot of ground in your food education!

Precautions to take at 15 weeks of pregnancy:

As we said on another occasion, getting 30 minutes a day of exercise is not only healthy for you and your baby, but it makes labor easier because it physically prepares you for it. You will have less pain and discomfort, your body will like you more, you will eat without suspicion and healthy, that is, you will only have benefits!

Get in shape from day one, you’ll see how you and your baby will appreciate it. In addition, you will lose some weight and, after the birth , you will not miss the beautiful figure you had before you became pregnant. Ask your partner to go with you to make you more enjoyable.

You can do sports like swimming , yoga or just walking fast.

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