Weeks pregnant: doubts? All you need to know!

At  10 weeks pregnant your baby has officially graduated this week from embryo to fetus and with this change a lot of other people are going on in their development. At 10 Weeks of Pregnancy your baby is the size of an olive ( olive ) and measures a little over 2.5 centimeters (a little over 1 inch) and in the next three weeks it will double in length.

Even though he is small, he is very active and swallows fluid and moves his limbs. Your vital organs, including your kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver , are already in place and starting to function, although they continue to develop throughout your pregnancy .

Baby development at 10 weeks gestation:

At 10 Weeks Pregnancy your baby continues to grow into a real little person! Your jawbones are starting to form, and surprisingly, they already contain your future baby teeth .

Your baby’s tiny heart is now fully formed and beating two to three times faster than yours. If you see your baby on an ultrasound scan at 10 weeks pregnant , they will be jerking and rocking!

  • Your baby will start using one hand more than the other, the same hand they will prefer to use after birth;
  • All of your baby’s major organs (the heart , lungs, kidneys, brain and intestines) are formed and functional, they’re just tiny;
  • By now your baby is able to bend his fingers;
  • Your baby’s eyebrows are starting to grow;
  • Your baby will grow 30 times in weight and triple in length.

What are the symptoms at 10 weeks of pregnancy:

Want to know what to expect at 10 weeks pregnant ? As your baby grows, your ligaments and muscles are starting to stretch inside your belly , your breasts are getting bigger, and some other radical changes could be happening. Here are some of the most common symptoms.

1. Round ligament pain:

Don’t be surprised if you start to feel some pain in your abdomen as you stretch to accommodate your growing baby. While some moms-to-be can’t really notice them, others find these sensations called “round ligament pain” pretty, downright painful. If you are 10 weeks pregnant with twins , round ligament pain may be even more noticeable. Let your OB know if your discomfort is intense or if you are concerned in any way about your symptoms.

2. Breasts growing:

Your breasts have likely gotten bigger at 10 weeks gestation , as they’ve been preparing for breastfeeding for weeks!

3. Morning sickness:

Nausea and vomiting are very common at 10 weeks gestation . The good news is that they will likely decrease shortly after you hit your second trimester.

4. Mood swings:

Changes in your hormones can be responsible for a roller coaster of emotions at 10 weeks pregnant .

5. Fatigue:

You are fatigued at 10 weeks pregnant . Here’s why: Not only is your body working hard to grow, but your sleep can be interrupted by some pretty weird dreams.

6. Increased vaginal discharge:

An increase in blood flow to the vagina, along with an increase in estrogen production, could cause yet another clear, odorless discharge called leukorrhea. It might sound a little gross, but this substance is simply the natural way to get rid of bacteria at 10 weeks pregnant . If it is colored, blood-stained, has an unpleasant odor, or causes discomfort, contact your doctor. Those could be something else.

7. Visible veins:

Those blue stripes serve an important purpose at 10 weeks pregnant : they’re carrying a ton of extra blood for the baby.

What happens to the baby at 10 weeks gestation:

At this 10 weeks pregnant , you will notice that your baby is starting to look more and more like a human being, although she still has a huge bump on her forehead as her brain develops. Bones and cartilage are forming and your baby is starting to get knees and ankles. Your arms can now flex, but they’re still so small you wouldn’t feel any punches yet!

Although your little one doesn’t have her teeth yet, until she’s almost six months old, this 10 weeks gestation  her teeth will start to form under her gums. Your baby is also starting to function like the outside world, at 10 weeks pregnant  the kidneys are producing urine.

Medical exams at 10 weeks gestation:

At 10 weeks pregnant , you probably already have your doctor’s appointment, but first you must be well prepared: you can remember and think about all the physical and emotional changes you felt during that time.

At  10 weeks of pregnancy the doctor will ask you everything you need to know as if you were pregnant before, or if you had an abortion. In this appointment, you will have a series of tests to determine if everything is ok. The review may include: urine tests, an external abdominal exam to see the baby’s size and position, weight control and blood pressure.

Correct nutrition at 10 weeks of pregnancy:

We give you some tips that you can follow now, from your 10 weeks of pregnancy and until the end of it, you can even continue with these healthy habits in your diet after pregnancy :

  • Drink lots of water, always take a bottle to stay well hydrated.
  • Have 5 meals, but not abundantly.
  • Chew your food well, it will help to avoid gas.
  • Take between 2 and 4 pieces of fruit a day, they will give you the vitamin intake you need. You can take fiber-rich fruits to ensure intestinal transit, because many pregnant women suffer from constipation .

Calcium is a fundamental contribution throughout pregnancy  and also during breastfeeding. Always introduce dairy products daily, always pasteurized. If you eat fish , it is preferable that you eat small species, the big ones eat other fish and have

Fun facts at  10 weeks of pregnancy:

You still haven’t reported the news of your pregnancy ? Many women choose to wait until week 12 of pregnancy because that is when the risk of miscarriage drops. It is your option when communicating it, you can discuss it with your partner to decide the ideal situation. If you think 10 weeks gestation is the right time, just do it and share your happiness with your family and friends.

As for work, if you work outside the home, sooner or later you will have to break the news to your company about your 10 weeks of pregnancy . Do it in writing for the record. Check your conditions for possible changes in your position if you are exposed to risks or shift changes.

Tips for you in this 10 weeks of pregnancy:

Feeling very emotional at 10 weeks pregnant ? Know this: Mood swings are mostly felt during the first trimester, with a break in the second trimester. But be warned: they often come back in the last few months of pregnancy .

Pregnant women who eat while watching their favorite show are more likely to feed their babies in front of the TV, according to a recent survey. This can interfere with the mother’s ability to tell if the baby is full and cause poorer eating habits. To the dining room! Baby teeth are now sprouting under the gums, but if you have low vitamin D levels , you could be putting him off for future cavities at this 10 weeks gestation .

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