The 6 Ways to Prevent Diabetes Using Hibiscus

The 6 Ways to Prevent Diabetes Using Hibiscus are diverse, as it has a large amount of essential nutrients for the general health of the body. In addition, To escape the peaks, that is, stop Diabetes in the beginning, study proves the potential of Hibiscus . This is because it acts against the diseases that characterize the metabolic syndrome. A 2014 study published in endocrimologia y nutrición showed that the use of Hibiscus  prepared as a tea has therapeutic properties.

“Specifically, the results of this analysis indicate that Hibiscus sabdariffa has the ability to capture free radicals that inhibit, for example, LDL oxidation (decreases the risk of atherosclerosis , a disease that hardens the walls of the arteries ).

In addition, daily consumption of the extract appears to improve blood pressure in pre – diabetic hypertensive patients and those with mild type 2 diabetes . It is in this way that Hibiscus  emerges with strength to prevent these factors from reaching extremes.

When we use herbs or medicines that decrease the entry of glucose into the blood, we save our body from this excessive work, and therefore the benefit of consuming the tea or the Hibiscus flower dehydrates .

Metabolic Syndrome: it is a problem that is directly linked to the increase in the case of type 2 diabetes and pre- diabetes (a condition that precedes the disease and is asymptomatic). That’s because individuals diagnosed with the disorder are five times more likely to develop diabetes .

“Metabolic syndrome occurs when you are diagnosed with a set of diseases that are based on insulin resistance (difficulty of the insulin hormones to perform their functions, including the removal of glucose from the blood).

When three of the following indicators are present, the syndrome diagnoses are established:

  • Abdominal circumference equal to or greater with 102 cm in men and 88 cm in women (with variations depending on the case)
  • Triglyceride levels above 150mg/dg or being on treatment for control
  • Low good cholesterol (HDL) levels
  • High blood pressure or being on treatment
  • Elevation in fasting glucose above 99mg/dg or is being treated for diabetes or pre- diabetes

High Rate: Known types of diabetes are 1 and 2. Although they share symptoms, they are of the same origin. The first is an autoimmune disease, in which the body’s own cells attack healthy cells responsible for the hormone insulin.

When the latter is lacking in the organic, sugar is not absorbed or stored and, thus, it remains in excess in the blood, generating problems such as fatigue, thirst and blurry vision – so Diabetes needs to regulate the rate and blood sugar ( blood glucose). In this case, the most common cause of the problem is genetic inheritance. Type 2 is the one that scares the most, as it is linked to obesity, sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.

Hibiscus Tea To Control Blood Sugar: Those who already have the disease can also benefit from the daily consumption of the drink from the Hibiscus flowers . Not as an isolated factor, but when associated with other disease control care. This is due to the polyphenols antioxidant substance present in the drink.

Regular consumption of antioxidants such as Hibiscus tea , collaborates in the process of regulating cholesterol and blood glucose . Other research points to the inhibitory effects of hibiscus on enzymes that act in carbohydrate metabolism and thus reduce blood glucose .

To avoid glucose spikes and other problems resulting from metabolic syndrome, check out the following tips:

Avoid Excess Carbohydrates: “The accumulation of abdominal fat and the high levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides are due to excess carbohydrates in the diet and consequently high doses of glucose in the blood. The result of this is an exacerbated release of insulin. Such a factor can cause insulin resistance, that is, when the body decreases the hormone or stops producing it, leading to Diabetes .

Seek A Dietary Reduction: A balanced diet is essential to control various rates, such as triglycerides , glucose and cholesterol .

Practice Physical Exercises Regularly: Aerobic exercises cause the body to adapt to better glucose uptake by the muscles, aid in weight loss and reduce insulin resistance. All these factors contribute to a stable blood glucose.

Stay away from smoking and alcoholic beverages: Habits can increase blood glucose and disfavor the control of Diabetes , in addition to being risk factors for other diseases.

Seek medical evaluation periodically.

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