The 7 Ways to Fight Allergy Naturally

The Ways to Fight Allergy Naturally in a simple 100% natural way. In addition, for Allergy to appear, just take a blanket out of the closet or pet a kitten and the sneezing session begins. Anyone who has respiratory allergies knows what it’s like to suffer with symptoms such as itchy nose and throat , runny nose, cough and even shortness of breath. It is often said that there is nothing to be done in these cases, it is only to avoid the allergic agent, whatever it may be. No one else needs to live with the discomforts of a Joy . “ Respiratory diseasesAllergies do have treatment, and it is very effective, which promotes adequate control and sometimes even complete remission of the disease. The sooner the treatment is done, the more effective the result,” he says. So, check out now The 7 Ways to Fight Allergy Naturally.

Body Reaction:  It is estimated that 30% of the Brazilian population has some type of allergy . “It is the immunological reaction in which the individual produces a special type of antibody, called immunoglobulin E, or IgE, directed to a certain protein of animal or plant origin”, explains the specialist. One of the most common allergens (substances that trigger the allergic reaction) is dust mites. It is normal to say that people have dust allergy , but, in fact, the allergen is the dust mite, which lives in the dust ad house and accumulates on mattresses, sofas and rugs. “The mite protein that causes allergy is that of the digestive tract, similar to a protein in shrimp. You often see someone who has an allergythe mite presents urticaria when eating shrimp”.

Allergies are installed in people with a genetic predisposition, as they come into contact with the allergens in the environment. Anyone with an allergic parent has a 35-50% chance of developing allergies . For those who have both allergic parents, the risk rises to 75%. Allergic respiratory diseases  manifest in two ways: nasal , which consists of sneezing, runny nose, nasal obstruction and itching, characterizing allergic rhinitis ; and pulmonary, with cough , shortness of breath and chest tightness. “Often, patients have both forms associated, and it is the treatment to fight rhinitis and asthma .bronchial tube”, adds the doctor.

What Allergy:  In addition to evaluating the patient’s history, there are two more common types of tests to detect the substance that triggers the allergic reaction. “The most common, cheapest and most immediate is the allergy test, in which a drop of the extract of suspected allergy sufferers is placed on the patient’s skin, 15 minutes later, the reading is taken. If there is a reaction similar to an insect bite, it is a sign that histamine (a substance involved in an immune response) is being released at the site and the result is positive”. The other test is the blood test, performed in the laboratory, to identify specific IgE.

Quality of Life:  No need to get used to Allergy , nor does it support symptoms when reactions manifest. When the disease is suspected, looking for a doctor to identify the cause is essential. From there, the best treatments will be indicated to control the disease and contribute to the patient’s quality of life. “Identify the causative factors of allergy and treatment can include the use of nasal and lung corticosteroids , bronchodilators and, eventually, other medications, such as antihistamines, according to the severity of the problem”.

Living with the Allergen:  It’s no use having the fur of that cute kitten that lives at home. After all, if the hairs were the cause of allergic reactions, those who have a cat allergy could not have dogs either. In the case of cats, the blame for the crises is a protein present in their saliva. “The animal licks itself and leans all over the house to mark it with its scent. Those who have cats at home and are allergic have many symptoms because the allergens are present in the entire house”, explains the allergist.

In any case of Allergy , the best preventive measure is to avoid contact with the allergenic substance. “Whoever has an allergy only to cats, for example, and no longer has them at home, in a few months they get rid of the problem. But, normally, those who are allergic do not want to get rid of the pets, and then treatment is indicated, it is also with vaccines”, the treatment, it is also important to maintain the most favorable environment. Get the pet used to bathing from a young age, so that hygiene can be done once a week, and keep it away from the rooms where the allergic most frequents, such as your bedroom.

Allergy Has a Cure:  For the specialist, the total remission of the disease can be a cure for Allergy . “The word ‘cure’ is sometimes misunderstood. If it is understood as the person is no longer Allergic , then there is no cure, because once the Allergy is developed, it remains with the patient, there is no way to ‘undo’ the Allergy . But when the correct treatment is given, the allergic symptoms disappear for years, it is possible to say yes, that there was a cure”, he opines.

More Vitamins S:  In a recent research carried out in the United States, it was proved, in mice, that the lack of contact with microorganisms in the beginning of life favors the development of Allergies in adult life. Currently, the number of people with allergies in the country is greater than in the 1980s – and the hypothesis is that children live in excessively clean environments, without contact with microorganisms that stimulate the immune system . That is, lack of vitamin S. And the “s” comes from dirt, really!

When children come into contact with certain microbes, the body creates antibodies and develops immunity . That’s why it’s so important that little ones live with nature, playing in parks, with pets, etc., as long as hygiene care is taken: washing hands after playing with dogs and cats, bathing after getting dirty. on land, among others. During childhood, the immune system is developing and it is the stage of first contact with the virus and bacteria. Antibodies created during this period will protect the body for life.

Allergy “Vaccine”:  Known as the Allergy vaccine , allergen immunotherapy is a treatment indicated to decrease sensitivity in allergic people. “It works in cases where they can identify the cause of the symptoms. Example: the individual is allergic to cat protein, so the vaccine is specific for this protein”. Vaccines are given as injections, initially once a week, then every 15 days up to once a month. The entire treatment takes three to five years. “This promotes greater tolerance to allergens.

Treatment is always associated with control drugs, such as corticosteroids. In the beginning, it is already possible to control the disease with two or three days of treatment, and as the individual improves, the medicines are taken away, until they are at a minimal dose or even without any medicine at all, when control is complete”, explains the doctor. As the treatment consists of applying the allergen itself (initially, in small amounts), generalized and application-site reactions are possible. Therefore, the guidance of a trained and expert professional is essential. Immunotherapy is contraindicated in cases of coronary heart disease in other diseases of the immune system .

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