10 reasons to drink watermelon seed tea!

The reasons to drink watermelon seed tea that many are unaware of and once you know the benefits of this tea you will never want to throw those seeds away again. Watermelon is a tasty and refreshing fruit and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy this fruit . Most people have no idea of ​​the powers it has, and that’s why they always throw the seeds away, but today you will discover why tea is a true natural remedy and have several reasons to change your mind.

Watermelon seed has many health benefits. It is extremely effective and beneficial in improving our digestive system. It also helps improve liver health by cleaning and strengthening it, as well as improving metabolism .

In addition, it is also useful for treating kidney and urinary tract diseases. Brew fresh watermelon seed tea to cleanse, purify and strengthen your kidneys.

Reasons to drink watermelon seed tea:

Vitamin C helps maintain the immune system , preventing the common cold . In addition, tea also contains lycopene, known for its anti-aging benefits. If you like to stay active and you like to do sweaty exercise, chances are you are losing electrolytes.

Here’s why this watermelon seed tea is so good for your body and health:

  1. Protects heart health ;
  2. Prevents premature aging ;
  3. Eliminates acne and moisturizes the skin .
  4. Strengthens the hair, leaving it more resistant and in its natural color;
  5. Regulates blood pressure ;
  6. Provides essential amino acids;
  7. Cures edema;
  8. Combats erectile dysfunction;
  9. Accelerates recovery and treats diabetes ;
  10. Helps remove kidney stones and aids in the treatment of hypertension

How to make watermelon seed tea?


– 30 watermelon seeds;
– 2 liters of water ;

Preparation mode:

  1. Grind or crush the watermelon seeds and then boil for 15 minutes in 2 liters of water .
  2. Then let it cool and store in the fridge. Consume the tea for 2 days in a row and then take a break on the third day.
  3. Repeat the procedure for 2 weeks in a row, always drinking every 2 days and taking a break on the third day.
  4. Do not use sugar, but you can use 1 tablespoon of honey to sweeten it if necessary.

How to prepare watermelon seed tea step by step:

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