2 correct ways to wash your hands to avoid diseases!

The correct ways to wash your hands to avoid diseases because a gesture as simple as washing your hands can save you from millions of bacteria. A very healthy action that prevents many infections.

Rubbing your hands with soap and water can remove up to 80% of the dirt they get from doing anything: from ringing your cell phone, reaching in your pocket, and even trying on clothes in a store. See why you should wash your hands properly.

Reduces the chance of illness:

This simple gesture that doesn’t seem to do anything to your body can reduce the chances of intestinal problems by 50% and respiratory problems by 25%. Conjunctivitis or diarrhea are the most common problems you will avoid if you wash your hands.

Our hands are the main instrument we play things with, so they are the riskiest to be full of bacteria. More than 26,000 can have a ticket, and it’s something we have daily within our reach.

It is very important, therefore, that your hands are clean, but it is useless to wash them frequently if you do not know how to do them correctly. It’s not so much how many times, but how you do it each time is key.

To disinfect your hands well, you need the three basic things: water, soap and a towel. You should wet your hands before adding the soap and once applied, rub them in the suds. When you’re done, wash and dry them with a towel or paper and skin .

Correct ways to wash your hands to avoid illness:

1. Hand dryers:

Avoid hand dryers at all costs, hot air encourages bacteria to reappear and stay on your hands. It is essential that you know the times when it is almost mandatory to have clean hands.

2. Always wash after touching food and before injury:

Before and after touching food, before healing a wound or after coughing or sneezing, there are some cases where it is very important to follow the advice and wash your hands and wrists well.

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Did you know the risks of not washing your hands? Do you wash them correctly and often enough?

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