Vagina Pain – What It Could Be, Causes and Treatment

Vagina Pain – What It Can Be, Causes and Treatment , are one of the best ways to get to know your body and prevent some diseases . In addition, pain  and discomfort in the intimate region can affect many women at different times in life and the causes need to be identified with the help of a gynecologist so that the best treatment is carried out.

Infections, inflammation and sexually transmitted diseases  are just some of the causes of pain  or discomfort in the vaginal area . In this sense, it is extremely important to seek medical help when you feel the symptom, because treating some diseases quickly  is easier to reach a cure.

Pain in the Vagina Could be a Sign of Endometriosis: Pain during penetration and changes in your menstrual cycle can indicate endometriosis or pelvic  inflammatory disease. In common, pain  and discomfort in the intimate region. Gynecological exams can identify the problem and the right treatment for each type of case.

Pain in the Vagina Could be a Sign of Vaginismus: Vaginismus also causes pain  and refers to the difficulty that a woman has to put objects in her vagina , such as female condoms and tampons. In sexual intercourse it is also possible to feel pain  at the time of penetration, all this because an involuntary contraction of the pelvis muscles occurs.

However, the reason is not associated with physical problems, but with psychological ones, which must be addressed. The woman who has vaginismus has difficulty even moving her vagina  with her hands, in addition to suffering from anxiety  and low self-esteem.

Pain in Vagina Could Be Sign of Bartholin Gland Infection: Bartholin  ‘s glands are a pair of glands that are found in the tissues of the vaginal wall , on either side. These can become inflamed causing Bartholinitis, this will cause Vagina Pain  during intercourse. Rarely, the glands swell during intercourse, the onset is painless but becomes painful if you continue to have intercourse.

Pain in the Vagina Could be a Sign of Herpes: A small, painful lump in the vagina area  can be indicative of herpes. Like common herpes, it has no cure, but it can be treated. Medications that reduce the frequency of flare-ups and control Vagina Pain may be needed.

Tips on How to Avoid and Treat Vagina Pain: Vagina Pain is a problem that can be very common and therefore knowing how to avoid and treat Vagina Pain is very important.

  • Vagina saudável também depende do seu nível de tensão no dia a dia. Se está estressada, com excesso de pesomenstruação irregular, em dieta ou tomando medicações fortes, tudo pode interferir. Quando isso acontece, as bactérias erradas podem prosperar, trazendo desconforto e Dor na Vagina.
  • Evite sabonetes perfumados para a limpeza de sua área vaginal.
  • Embora possa ser difícil lembrar no calor do momento, usar um pouco de lubrificante pode ajudar a evitar Dor na Vagina, inclusive depois da penetração. Mesmo que sua lubrificação seja boa, o corpo pode ter problemas para mantê-la se o sexo é mais intenso ou demorado.
  • Wear underwear that allows the vagina  and vulva to breathe, such as cotton.
  • Spending the whole day in a wet bathing suit or bikini can trigger these aforementioned discomforts, because if there are three conditions that bacteria love, they are: heat, humidity and darkness.

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