Types of sugar – brown, refined, demerara and crystal!

The types of sugar that are enormously good for your health and you need to know, because not all types of sugar are harmful, some are healthy. Also, although white and refined sugar is the most common among the 4 types of sugar that we are going to talk about today. In addition, other varieties of natural sweeteners can be obtained through different types of harvesting and industrialization or from other raw materials, such as fruits and corn.

Known as a dangerous ingredient, the 4 Types of Sugar should indeed be ingested in moderation, as their unregulated use can cause obesity and develop diabetes. To choose the Best Types of Sugar , check out what is Mascavo, Refinado, Demerara and Cristal.

How is Sugar Made?

After the sugarcane harvest, which can be manual or mechanized, the juice is pumped and goes through the following steps:

Treatment: Heating, chemical treatment, decanting and sieving remove impurities such as sand, bagasse and clay.

Evaporation: After the treatment, we obtain a transparent, slightly yellowish broth, composed of water, mineral salts and sugars. On evaporation, 75% of the water is removed and the broth is transformed into a concentrated syrup.

Cooking: Here, 80% to 85% of the sucrose in the syrup is recovered. This will be transformed into mass.

Centrifuging: After being cooked, the dough is centrifuged, washed with hot water and steam. The process gives rise to a honey that can be used in the production of ethanol.

Drying: The sugar is taken to dryers and then sieved. It is then packaged and stored for sale.

Beet sugar is a favorite of Europeans. The climate favors the plantation and the production of these types of sugar  follows similar processes to the sugar produced with cane. The leaves are sanitized, cut into thin slices and left to rest in hot water. The procedure removes sugar and other substances.

The resulting tea is purified and filtered with carbon dioxide and lime. This liquid is taken to tubes where part of the water evaporates. There remains a thick syrup that is boiled and its water is extracted, until crystals appear. A centrifuge separates the remaining water. Then just dry the sugar grains.

Discover Now The 4 Types of Sugar:

There are several types of sugar . The differences are the raw materials, forms of refinement, texture, flavor, nutritional composition. Learn about the manufacturing processes, the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Discover it Now → 4 Types of Sugar – Brown, Refined, Demerara and Cristal:

1. Brown Sugar:

Caramel in color and with a flavor similar to that of rapadura, brown sugar is extracted from sugar cane and what gives it. In addition, different characteristics of the refined product are the difference in the industrialization process, since it is obtained in cooking and, therefore, does not go through the refinement process, an action that preserves its nutritional values.

2. Refined Sugar:

White sugar is the most used. Its white appearance and flavor are the result of the addition of sulfur during refining. In addition, the substance takes away vitamins and minerals. Refined sugar raises blood pressure by more than 25% over salt. In addition, it ages the skin, is associated with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and even myopia.

3. Demerara Sugar:

Known for being one of the most expensive forms of sugar extracted from cane, demerara is widely used in the recipe for sophisticated sweets. With a milder flavor than brown, the ingredients go through the purification and refinement process, however, it does not contain chemical additives and, therefore, maintains the mineral contents of the sugarcane.

4. Crystal Sugar:

It is sugar with large, transparent crystals that are difficult to dissolve in water. Furthermore, after cooking, it only undergoes a light refinement, which removes “only” 90% of the mineral salts. Because it is economical and yields a lot, crystal sugar always appears in recipes for cakes and sweets.

How to Include New Types of Sugar in Your Diet:

To answer this question, it is necessary to consider another factor besides nutritional properties: personal taste. Also, while the less refined sugar options are the most nutrient-dense, the taste isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Some people looking for more natural alternatives to refined sugar find the flavor of rapadura and brown sugar too intense. Also, in these cases, the replacement should be done gradually to give the palate time to get used to the new taste.

Therefore, it is interesting to try to use less sugar and better feel the natural flavor of food. In addition, this is a form of food reeducation that contributes to a healthier diet.

As you can see, replacing the sugar you use in your daily life is a simple way to increase your nutrient intake. Also, important for the proper functioning of your body. Along with other simple eating habits, it’s not difficult to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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