Turbine Your Water and Accelerate Your Weight Loss

Turbo water is a precious liquid and can help with detoxification of the body and is packed with flavor! It is not by chance that, during a diet, the first recommendation of nutritionists is to consume at least two liters of water a day. Water is our greatest ally when it comes to detoxification. It is through good hydration that the body gets rid of most impurities and activates the biological process that reduces the negative effects of toxins on metabolism, performing detox. And the best: it’s affordable and you can invest without fear. Find out how to make it tastier and boost weight loss !

Give Flavor to Your Water:  To make the act of drinking water during the day even more pleasant, the novelty that has fallen into the taste of celebrities and fitness muses is to aromatize the liquid. Not everyone is used to ingesting the necessary amount of water throughout the day, mainly because it has no taste and it is difficult to get into the habit. With aromatization, the water starts to have a flavor and this causes the water intake to increase.

Turbined Water Detonates Calories:  In addition to pleasing the palate, flavored waters offer part of the nutrients of the foods used for the infusion, such as antioxidant and thermogenic properties, which accelerate the burning of fat . In the case of flavored water, we usually insert Ginger , which is a light thermogenic and, when added to water, can help in the weight loss process . But this power is limited and must be combined with a balanced diet and physical exercise.

Turbined Water Reduces Bloating:  Anyone who suffers from fluid retention can celebrate! Turbo water  helps – and a lot! – in weight loss , by eliminating most of the liquids that swell the body. For, in addition to consuming diuretic foods that help in this process, the person who consumes it also increases water intake, and this is a way to increase diuresis and reduce swelling naturally.

Turbined Water Improves  Health:  Part of the minerals and vitamins contained in the foods used in the preparation of turbined water remain in the liquid, bringing many benefits to the body as a whole. In addition, the increase in water consumption for people who do not drink enough water is extremely beneficial. Therefore, those who want to lose weight with health can bet on this idea that is here to stay!

Taking the Doubts:  Do you want to prepare your turbo water ? Choose your favorite foods, like chopped or sliced ​​fruits ( Orange , Strawberry , Berries, Lemon , etc.), herbs, vegetables, and prepare your mix! Abuse creativity!

How to make? Add food to water and leave overnight if possible. If you want to shake the infusion, you can too. In about 30 minutes, the components and flavors will be minimally released into the water.

How much to take? According to the nutritionist, each person has their daily measure of water consumption, about 30 ml/kg a day. This value is approximate and must be adapted if the person practices physical exercises, among other factors.

Is there a contraindication? “No, unless the person has some sort of allergy to the ingredient.

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“We can never feel thirsty. Thirst is already an alert from our body that something is wrong. We should always hydrate them so he doesn’t miss it.”

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