3 Home Remedies to Treat Patellar Tendonitis!

Home remedies to treat patellar tendinitis work effectively for many people suffering from this condition. In addition, Patellar Tendinitis, also known as “Tendinopathy” or “Tendinosis”, is an inflammation that occurs in the tendon, which arises as a result of excessive repetitions of the same movement, the RSI (Physical Stress Injury), for example. . The suffix “-itis”, in medical language, is usually associated with inflammation, so the term “Tendinitis” means “inflammation of the tendon”.

With this, the word Tendinitis is used to refer to any painful process without bone changes on X-ray examination. Tendons are in all bendable parts of the body and are fibrous ( fibers ), dense and resistant tissue. They are the ones that allow movement and are also responsible for the muscles to attach to the bones.

The tendon is made up of connective tissue and collagen. There are still tendons that can be easily identified, such as the “ Achilles tendon” (Achilles tendon), and you can identify it by running your fingers over your heel.

The best Home Remedies to help fight tendinitis are plants that have anti-inflammatory action such as ginger , aloe vera because they act at the root of the problem, bringing relief from symptoms. We indicate below some options of anti-inflammatory medicinal plants that can be used in the form of juice, tea, compress or poultice.

Home remedies to treat patellar tendinitis:

1. Ginger tea:

Ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory that can be used to fight tendinitis . In addition to tea, ginger can be consumed with meals, which is very common in Japanese cuisine. You can add this seasoning to meats, being great for seasoning chicken, for example.

Preparation mode:

  • Put 1 cm of ginger to boil in 500 ml of water, leave covered to cool.
  • Strain and drink while still warm, 3 to 4 times a day.

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2. Anti-inflammatory foods:

Eating anti-inflammatory foods such as cilantro , watercress , tuna, sardines and salmon are excellent options to deflate the body and fight tendinitis anywhere in the body.

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3. Rosemary compress:

Rosemary compress is easy to prepare, being great for treating shoulder tendinitis , for example.

How to use: Crush the rosemary leaves with a pestle, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil until it forms a paste and put it on gauze and then place it exactly on the painful area.

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