10 homemade tips to treat constipation!

Home remedies to treat constipation are simple, as it is a condition caused mainly by insufficient fiber consumption. However, other aspects are also important to maintain a good intestinal functioning, avoiding this and other diseases of gastrointestinal origin.

And on average, 30% of people have suffered from this condition chronically at some point in their lives. Popularly, women are the ones who most have this condition, however, men also go through it, especially nowadays, when, increasingly, they eat poorly, do not practice physical activities and live under stress.

Proper diet, intake of plenty of fluid and the practice of exercise are the best options to treat the constipation that bothers so much. The use of medication, known as a laxative, should be a “plan B” for more extreme cases. But it should be used with medical advice.

Main Symptoms of Leaky Gut:

  • Abdominal pain;
  • loss of appetite;
  • Constipation;
  • vomiting;
  • Inability to have a bowel movement or passing gas;
  • Swelling of the abdomen.

Causes of Leaky Gut:

This condition can have many causes, your doctor will run a multitude of different tests to help identify the reasons for your condition. Infections, blood flow problems, and immune system problems are all potential causes for this condition. Direct contact with chemicals, such as during an enema, can also cause the condition.

The primary process for the development of symptoms is due to inflammation. When the tissue layers of the colon become inflamed, it produces the symptoms commonly attributed to Leaky Gut conditions . Fortunately, nowadays there are many remedies that can help you with this condition. So, check out now the homemade tips to treat a stuck intestine:

Homemade tips to treat constipation:

1. Home Tips To Treat Constipated Gut Using Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is considered one of the most important home remedies for constipation . Apple cider vinegar has rich sources of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and other minerals that help treat Leaky Guts . It is acidic in nature which breaks down fats, helping to prevent acid reflux as well.

The acetic acid present in this natural ingredient also helps to cure indigestion  by virtue of its alkaline-based digestive attributes. Also, you can consume apple cider vinegar along with water  or honey. Try to buy it raw, organic and unfiltered to make them more effective.

2. Home Tips to Treat Constipated Gut Using Chamomile:

Few people know this, but this herb is also one of the best Homemade Tips for Treating Leaky Guts , due to its high number of nutrients that facilitate and improve digestion. Have you ever drank some chamomile tea before bed to relax? Chamomile tea helps relieve stomach pain  and reduce inflammation .

Also, use a regular chamomile tea bag or dried chamomile and steep in  boiling water for ten to fifteen minutes. Leave, cool and consume immediately.

3. Home Tips for Treating a Leaky Gut Using Carom Seeds:

Few people know about Carom Seeds. Recent studies have revealed that these seeds have several medicinal properties that can fight various digestive disorders, including indigestion , acidity and flatulence.

The active enzymes present in these seeds help to stimulate the digestive system, facilitating gastric juices. Also, consume carom seeds with water  for about a week and you can see the difference. You can also consume the powder of these seeds with water  which is usually made for stomach problems.

4. Homemade Tips To Treat Constipated Gut Using Baking Soda:

One of the main causes of Leaky Gut can be excess acid levels. Also, certain foods like beans, cabbage, dairy products, and onions, among others, result in stomach problems. Fortunately, baking soda is one of the best home remedies for constipation as it acts as an antacid helping to neutralize stomach acid .

Baking soda also prevents the excess formation of hydrochloric acid to break down the acid’s effect on the stomach . In addition, it also detoxifies the digestive system relieving you of heartburn and indigestion . You can consume baking soda with water or with honey and even lemon.

5. Homemade Tips to Treat a Leaky Gut Using Cilantro:

Coriander seeds are also excellent Home Tips for Treating Leaky Guts , due to their many anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve stomach pain  or indigestion , further stimulating your digestive process.

Coriander has an excellent essential oil called urandrol that detoxifies the liver and increases appetite, helping to treat Leaky Guts . Also, consume coriander seeds infused with water for about a week to see the difference.

6. Home Tips for Treating a Constipated Gut Using Indian Gooseberry:

Indian gooseberry also has various aphrodisiac, diuretic, laxative, carminative, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. These properties help Treat Leaky Gut , curing indigestion , heartburn or acidity. It is said that consuming Indian gooseberry is one of the best Homemade Tips for Treating Leaky Gut .

7. Home Tips for Treating Constipated Gut Using Fennel:

Fennel is also considered an excellent Home Tip for Treating Leaky Guts . It stimulates and improves digestion, reduces gas and bloating, and relieves upset stomach . It is a powerful ingredient in many commercial teas that relieve stomach problems. If you like the taste of licorice, you will probably like the taste of fennel too.

You can find bulbs of this herb at a health food store near you, treat this condition by cutting off a piece and chewing it. If you can’t eat it raw, its seeds also work well for treating indigestion and bloating. Also, chew half a teaspoon of them or put them in hot water  to make fennel tea.

8. Homemade Tips To Treat Constipated Gut Using Lemon:

Despite its flavor widely used to taste various dishes in cooking, lemon is also a widely used ingredient to  treat constipation . The acid present in lemon juice stimulates the  stomach  so it can produce more acid, which gives digestion a boost.

Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to  hot water  and drink slowly. Also, for more flavor, add a spoonful of honey or some crushed mint leaves.

9. Homemade Tips To Treat Intestinal Guts With Ginger:

Ginger is also one of the excellent Home Tips for Treating Leaky Guts . In addition, this natural ingredient has been used to cure intestinal problems for many years. It has rich antioxidants including gingerol which are known to treat this condition and nausea. Its phenolic compounds are believed to reduce gastric contractions and alleviate gastrointestinal irritation. It is also known to reduce inflammation.

10. Homemade Tips To Treat Constipated Gut Using Mint:

Without a doubt this is one of the best homemade tips to treat a stuck intestine . This herb is a useful herbal remedy to treat various stomach disorders . Mint has natural analgesic properties. There are several different ways to use this herb:

  • Also, chew some fresh mint leaves.
  • Eat mints, the stronger the better.
  • Also, infuse cold water  with fresh mint.
  • Make mint tea. A cup of hot tea is especially good for calming your stomach .
  • Also, you can use a regular peppermint tea bag or soak a handful of crushed mint leaves in hot water  for 10 minutes.

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