Top 7 Symptoms of Kidney Stone

Top 7 Symptoms of Kidney Stone Known for its intense pain. In addition, kidney stones affect around 10% of the population, mostly males. Fearful by all, some care can ease painful processes and even reduce the incidence of kidney stones .

Formed preferentially by the agglutination of calcium , oxalates and uric acid, these stones can become trapped in the urinary tract causing pain, inflammation and infection. Genetic predisposition , age, dietary habits and other diseases make some people more susceptible to this problem. So check it out now. Top 7 Symptoms of Kidney Stone


  • Severe back pain that can involve the entire abdominal region, varying in intensity.
  • Pain when urinating .
  • Dark coloring of urine .
  • urine with blood
  • Constant urge to urinate .
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Fever and chills can also be symptoms of a kidney stone .

Treatment:  The specialist will find out the type and size of the Kidney Stone and will inform you about the best treatment. Usually the stones are small and the ingestion of a lot of water is recommended for their natural elimination. It may be necessary to administer medication for pain, and if there is an infection or inflammation, to combat these. There are cases of very large stones where external interventions will be necessary for removal. There are several types of solutions and the professional will know the best one to perform.

Prevention:  The best is always to avoid the problem. Some precious tips to avoid The Main Symptoms of Kidney Stone for those who believe they are at risk of facing this situation or for those who have already had an episode of Kidney Stone.

Hydration:  it is essential to avoid  Main Symptoms of Kidney Stone and is at the top of the list and is essential, especially in the summer. The recommended thing is at least two liters of water a day divided into several intakes. When this is done Renal Calculus are constantly diluted and eliminated in a natural and peaceful way.

Avoid Alcohol Intake:  Especially fermented beverages like beer. They cause an elevation of uric acid and dehydrate the body facilitating the formation of kidney stones .

Don’t Consume So Much Salt:  In food it also helps to avoid The  Main Symptoms of Kidney Stone . Sodium in large amounts can increase the production of calcium , phosphorus, oxalates and uric acid, the main elements of stones. Reading labels on processed products, including sweet products, will help you know the amount of sodium and what to avoid.

Pay Attention to Some Foods:  Moderation in food sources of protein and calcium such as meat and dairy products is recommended for those who develop kidney stones formed by this nutrient. Exaggeration is never good in any situation. The lack of calcium in the body is also never recommended. There must be a healthy balance.

Severity:  If the  renal calculus is greater than 6 millimeters, there will be an outside intervention to remove it. It is possible to see its size through ultrasound exams. Also, kidney stones can sometimes just be a symptom of a more serious condition. It is very important to have the support and professionalism of a specialist.

Balanced food and hydration will keep you away from the Main Symptoms of Healthy Kidney  Stone, as well as avoiding major problems with pain and annoyance caused by Kidney Stone .

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