Top 5 Causes of Bloody Urine

The Main Causes of  Bloody Urine Bloody urine , scientifically called hematuria. In addition, it usually arises due to problems with the kidneys or urinary tract, most often bloody and painful urine due to kidney stones or bloody and burning urine due to a urinary tract infection .

However, bloody urine can also appear due to excessive physical exercise, for example, it is not a cause for concern if it lasts for less than 24 hours. In the specific case of women, bloody urine can also appear during menstruation , and should not be a cause for alarm.

In some cases, the urine may turn red without having diluted blood, especially when eating foods with dyes, eating red vegetables in excess, such as beets , or taking certain medicines such as Dipyrone sodium, known as Novalgin. So, check out now  The 5 Main Causes of Bloody Urine.

The main causes of blood in the urine are:

Urinary Infection:  How to identify: it is more common in women and usually causes frequent urge to urinate , pain when urinating and a feeling of heaviness in the bottom of the belly. See other symptoms at: Urinary Infection Symptoms.

Treatment: you should consult a gynecologist or urologist, as the urinary infection must be treated with antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

Kidney stone:

How to Identify: It is more common in adults, but it can appear at any age, Causes of Bloody Urine , intense pain in the lower back and nausea. Here’s how to easily identify: How to know if I have a kidney stone.

Treatment: Kidney stone is a medical emergency due to the severe pain that Bloody Urine Causes , so it is recommended to go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Consumption of Reddish Foods:  How to identify: it happens when you eat a lot of reddish foods, such as beets, or with red dye, which can make the urine red, looking like blood. See what other foods can change urine : What can Causes of Bloody Urine .

Treatment: you should stop consuming these foods and increase your water consumption to about 2 liters a day.

Intake of Some Medicines:

How to Identify: Some anticoagulant medications, such as Warfarin or Aspirin, can cause blood to appear in the urine , especially in elderly patients.

Treatment: it is advisable to consult the doctor who prescribed the medication, in order to adapt the dose.

Kidney, Bladder or Prostate Cancer:  How to identify: these are the most frequent diseases for Bloody Urine Causes , and can also cause urinary incontinence, pain when urinating , weight loss or difficulty urinating .

Treatment for Bloody Urine: It is recommended to consult a gynecologist, in the case of a woman, or a urologist, in the case of a man, if these symptoms appear or the blood appears for no apparent reason.

Bloody Urine in Pregnancy:  Bloody urine in pregnancy is usually caused by a urinary tract infection , however, blood can originate from the vagina and mix with the urine , indicating more serious problems such as placental abruption, which should be treated as soon as possible to avoid harm to the fetus.

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Thus, whenever bloody urine appears during pregnancy, it is advisable to immediately inform the obstetrician so that he can carry out the necessary diagnostic tests and start the appropriate treatment.

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