Top 12 Diseases Caused by Cigarettes

The 12 Main Diseases Caused by Cigarettes  Cigarettes are composed of about 4,720 toxic substances. In addition, it is estimated that more than 60 of these substances are carcinogenic. Nicotine, a powerful stimulant, is one of these substances. In addition, it is the main responsible for smoking addiction. Because it is not illegal, many people continue to use the drug. In this article we will talk a little about diseases caused by smoking considering the following topics.

 What are the Effects of Cigarettes on the Body: Cigarettesare responsible for most deaths on the planet. Composed of more than 4,720 toxic substances, including solvents, lead, nickel, ammonia, carbon monoxide, pesticides, formaldehyde, radioactive substances and benzopyrene, it is estimated that more than 60 of these are carcinogenic. One of the biggest villains in cigarettes is nicotine, which causes the Major Diseases Caused by Cigarettes . After a drag, it reaches the brain in about 9 seconds and generates a feeling of relaxation. Because it is an addictive substance, the individual wants more. And the habit of smoking becomes frequent.

When a cigarette is smoked, irritation of the nasal mucosa immediately occurs. The vocal cords are dilated and, over time, the voice becomes hoarse. The presence of nicotine causes an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. Motor activity is stimulated. The stomach contracts and digestion is hampered. There is also an increase in vasoconstriction. The constant aggression to the organism generates a series of Main Diseases Caused by Cigarettes .

Diseases that Cigarettes Can Cause:

Sexual Impotence in Men:  Generally speaking, penile tension is low in smokers being one of the main diseases caused by cigarettes , but despite smoking being a risk factor for sexual impotence, not everyone who smokes suffers from this problem. According to experts, the development of male sexual impotence will depend on the daily consumption of cigarettes , the association with diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, in addition to the time of smoking. This means that hypertensive, diabetic and chronic smokers are more likely to become impotent.

Complications in Pregnancy:  Women who maintain the habit of smoking in the first three months of pregnancy are at risk of suffering the Major Diseases Caused by Cigarettes and miscarriage, bleeding, placental abruption and premature birth, in addition to congenital health problems for the drinks. While still in the womb, the fetus absorbs everything in the mother’s blood. The smoker mom, in addition to oxygen in the blood also has carbon monoxide, which is released by cigarette smoke .

That is, the baby “smokes” along with the mother. In addition, nicotine, another substance present in cigarettes , narrows blood vessels causing less nutrients and oxygen to reach the fetus, which can cause serious problems due to the Main Diseases Caused by Cigarettes .

Arterial Aneurysms:  About 70% of peripheral arterial aneurysms are popliteal and 20% are iliofemoral. Aneurysms in such locations often accompany abdominal aortic aneurysms and more than 50% are bilateral. Rupture is relatively infrequent, but these aneurysms can trigger thromboembolism.

They occur in men at a much higher frequency than in women (> 20:1) and the average age of development of initial manifestations is 65 years. Aneurysms in the arteries of the arms are relatively rare, however, they can cause Major Illnesses Caused By Cigarettes , which can lead to distal embolism and stroke.

Respiratory Infections:  In fact, respiratory infections are much more frequent in winter due to a combination of factors that is one of the Main Diseases Caused by Cigarettes : on the one hand, most viruses that attack the respiratory system do well with the climate. cold and damp, which helps them to multiply; on the other hand, the return to school will cause groups of children to gather in closed spaces, which.

favors the transmission of viruses from one child to another through breathing . Thus, if on the one hand viruses have a greater capacity to multiply, the more intimate and frequent contact between children favors the emergence of true epidemics.

Vascular thrombosis:  Thrombosis occurs when a blood clot forms in one or more large veins in the legs and thighs. This clot blocks blood flow and causes swelling and pain in the area. The bigger problem is when a clot breaks off and moves around in the bloodstream , in a process called an embolism. An embolism can get stuck in the brain, lungs , heart, or another area, leading to serious injury .

From Caries to Cancer:  Smoking causes several damages in the mouth region. In addition to being the Main Diseases Caused by Cigarettes , smoke irritates the gums and can facilitate the emergence of cavities. There is also an alteration in the taste buds, which affects the smoker’s palate. Cigarettesstill increase the risk of mouth cancer, despite being less harmful in this respect than cigars .

Black Plate:  Several toxic substances present in smoke make the tissues of the lungs lose elasticity, which causes a partial destruction of the structure of these organs. That’s what smokers’ lung plates – quite dark – show. Of deaths caused by bronchitis or emphysema, 85% are associated with smoking . Lung cancer is still the Major Diseases Caused by Cigarettes and causes of cancer death among smokers.

Work with Nicotine:  The nicotine inhaled by the smoker goes to the liver, where it is metabolized. Therefore, this organ is also subject to developing the Major Diseases Caused by Cigarettes  and cancer , which is very common for smokers.

Wrapped Stomach:  Residues of a pesticide called DDT have already been found in samples of the tar that makes up cigarettes . DDT irritates the walls of the stomach and can make the smoker feel nauseous. In addition, a part of the toxic substances in cigarettes is metabolized in the stomach, which can lead to gastritis, one of the main diseases caused by cigarettes , ulcers and even cancer.

Infarction in sight:  One of the most affected organs is the heart, not to mention that it is one of the main diseases caused by cigarettes . The action of nicotine causes the body to absorb more cholesterol. Cigarettes also raise  blood pressure and heart rate, which rises by up to 30% during puffs. All this is a risk factor for heart problems, making the smoker more likely to have a heart attack.

Sexuality and Reproductive System:  Decreased blood flow can affect a man’s ability to achieve an erection. Men and women who smoke can have difficulty reaching orgasm and are at greater risk of infertility, one of the main diseases caused by cigarettes . Women who smoke are still subject to menopause at an earlier age than non-smokers. Also, smoking increases a woman’s chances of getting cervical cancer.

Nervous System:  One of the ingredients present in cigarettes is nicotine, one of the main diseases caused by cigarettes . It hits the brain in a few seconds and it’s addictive. In addition, smoking is capable of increasing the risks of macular degeneration, cataracts and visual impairment. It can also weaken taste and smell, and so food becomes less pleasant.

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