Top 10 Symptoms of Cancer

The Main Symptoms of Cancer  Gynecological cancers can show symptoms early on in the disease. Furthermore, although the symptoms described below may be present in gynecologic cancers, their presence is by no means an absolute indication of the disease. It is very important that the woman is always attentive to her body and, in the face of any persistent suspicious  Cancer Symptoms , look for her doctor.

Cancer is the name given to a set of more than 100 diseases that have in common the disordered (malignant) growth of cells that invade tissues and organs, and can spread (metastasize) to other regions of the body.

Dividing quickly, these cells tend to be very aggressive and uncontrollable, determining the formation of tumors (accumulation of cancer cells) or malignant neoplasms. On the other hand, a benign tumor simply means a localized mass of cells that multiply slowly and resemble their original tissue, rarely being life-threatening.

The different Main Symptoms of Cancer correspond to the various types of cells in the body. For example, there are several types of skin cancer because the skin is made up of more than one type of cell. If the cancer starts in epithelial tissues such as skin or mucous membranes, it is called carcinoma. If it starts in connective tissues like bone, muscle or cartilage it is called a sarcoma.

Pelvic Pain: Pelvic  pain is pain or pressure below the belly button. It can be persistent and doesn’t just occur during the premenstrual period. Pelvic pain can be associated with many types of cancer , such asendometrial cancer , ovarian cancer , cervical cancer, cancer of the vagina, and cancer of the fallopian tubes.

Abdominal Bloating: Abdominal  bloating and flatulence are symptoms that may be present in casesof ovarian cancer . Main Symptoms of Cancer are usually the most ignored by women, despite causing a lot of discomfort.

Back Pain:  One of the symptoms of ovarian cancer can be persistent lower back pain, which some women describe as intense pain, similar to labor.

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding: Abnormal  vaginal bleeding is one of the  Main Symptoms of Gynecological Cancer likecervical cancer and endometrial cancer . Very heavy periods, bleeding between menstrual periods, and bleeding during and after intercourse are considered abnormal. This type of bleeding can be associated with cervical cancer, uterine cancer and, more rarely, ovarian cancer.

Fever:  A persistent fever lasting more than 7 days should be investigated. In addition to being a symptom of several infectious diseases, persistent fever can also be a Major Symptoms of Cancer , although relatively rare.

Stomach Pain or Intestinal Changes:  A significant and sudden change in bowel habits, such as blood in the stool, gas, constipation or diarrhea, can be Main Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer or some othergynecological cancer .

Weight Loss:  Losing 10 kg or more without dieting can be a pleasant surprise, but it’s not usually normal. Although the weight can fluctuate throughout the month, very pronounced changes need to be investigated.

Vulva or Vagina Abnormalities:  Abnormalities such as sores, blisters or changes in skin color should always be investigated. Keep an eye out, and if any changes appear in the vulva or vagina, it can be one of the main symptoms of cancer and you should see a doctor.

Changes in the Breast:  Carry out a monthly breast self-examination, and if you notice any changes such as lumps, pain, secretion, dimples, redness or swelling or inversion of the nipple, it can be one of the  Main Symptoms of Cancer and see your doctor as soon asas soon as possible.

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Fatigue:  Fatigue is the  main Cancer Symptoms of any type of cancer , although it is very common in many non- cancerous diseases . It is usually more common when the disease is at a more advanced stage, but sometimes it can occur in early stages. Fatigue that prevents you from performing normal day-to-day activities needs to be evaluated by a doctor.

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