Apply toothpaste to your skin and see what happens!

Did you think toothpaste was made just to brush your teeth and get the lion’s breath out of your mouth? Well, in a way it was invented for that very purpose. But there are countless other functions for this product that people don’t even dream of knowing. And although they seem too bizarre things to put into practice.

1. Get the onion smell off your hands:

Getting the onion and garlic smell off your hands is a bit of a complicated task. But you can use toothpaste to solve this problem. To do this, rub a little of the product in the palm of your hands and fingertips.

Then just rinse and that’s it! It works faster than soap or anything else you might try to use. By the way, this is also a good technique to get the strong smell of seafood off your fingers.

2. Removes pimples and blemishes on the skin:

As surprising as this may sound, toothpastes are quite effective and quick against acne and other skin irritations. You only need to apply a little bit of toothpaste  on the area that is inflamed and wait a few hours.

To avoid problems with the product, it is best to apply it at night. When the toothpaste dries, your face will look much better.

3. Clean your nails:

Amazingly, Toothpaste also helps to clean nails. It might be funny to think about brushing your fingernails and toenails with toothpaste , but it really works, especially when they’re smeared with some hard-to-leave material. In addition, practice helps to make your nails shiny and strong.

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