10 homemade recipes to treat toothache!

These are the best home remedies to treat a toothache simply and naturally as this is a feeling of pain in your teeth or around your jaws. There are several causes that lead to toothache such as tooth decay, gum infection, gum disease, tooth decay , plaque, or loss of a tooth. Also, this condition occurs when the pulp (the central part of the tooth) becomes extremely painful.

Therefore, it is regarded as a top thing on the list for no-fun-time. Symptoms can be difficult to diagnose. You have to do a full oral assessment to identify the real symptoms. Some of the most popular symptoms are having a little pain,  fever , difficulty breathing or swallowing, pain in the swelling around the tooth and more, it can feel very sore and uncomfortable.

Home remedies to treat toothache:

1. Garlic:

Garlic  is known  as one of the natural remedies that can relieve your toothache. It has antibiotics and other substances that can be effective in reducing pain.


  1. Mix a crushed garlic clove  with a little salt;
  2. Apply directly to the region where the affected tooth exists;
  3. If not, chew one or two garlic cloves ;
  4. Remember to apply this remedy for a few days.

2. Onion:

The second quick and natural way is the use of onion . Onion has antiseptic and other properties that can control a toothache by killing the factors that cause an infection.


  1. You can chew raw onions  for a few minutes.
  2. In case you can’t chew it, you can also put a piece of onion directly on the infected tooth.

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3. Salt water:

One of the homemade recipes to treat toothache  is to use salt water  . A glass of warm salt water can simply treat a toothache. Salt water  has a good effect on cleaning the area around the tooth. The remedy is very simple, so you can easily apply it in your own home.


  1. You mix half a spoon of salt in a glass of warm water ;
  2. Then, you mix the mixture until the salt completely melts;
  3. Then you take the water inside your mouth;
  4. Rinse for up to 30 seconds;
  5. Finally, you spat;
  6. Repeat this treatment several times a day.

4. Ice Cubes:

One of the other homemade recipes to treat toothache is to use ice cubes to apply ice, you can use crushed ice or ice cubes, whichever is more suitable. Here are step-by-step instructions you can follow at home:


  1. You need to wrap a piece of ice cube in a cotton cloth or plastic bag.
  2. Then you place it on the cheek near the sore tooth for about 15 minutes.
  3. An alternative technique is to rub an ice cube between your index finger and thumb for a few minutes.
  4. It is proven to be an effective medication that interacts with pain in many regions of the body.
  5. There are many other home remedies to treat a toothache  presented in this writing, so if you want to know more, keep reading!

5. Cloves with oil:

Cloves are very effective in dealing with the problem of toothaches. This ingredient has antibacterial, antioxidant, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve toothaches and fight infection.


  1. You grind cloves into a powder;
  2. Then you mix it in olive oil or another oil;
  3. Apply to painful tooth;
  4. Using a cotton ball is another option;
  5. Soak in clove oil and rub on your pain.

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You can also apply some clove oil directly to your bad tooth. Alternatively, mix a few drops of clove oil in half a glass of water and use the mixture as a mouthwash.

6. Mint tea:

This ingredient also has miraculous power. Peppermint can help numb the affected area of ​​the mouth . Also, its menthol content can cause a cooling effect on your gums and teeth.

It also relieves irritation and inflammation as well. You just add a teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves to a cup of boiling water and wait for 20 minutes until it cools, swirl it around or in your mouth, and then spit it out or swallow it. You will see a considerable improvement in the relief of your toothache.

7. Nutmeg Oil:

Using nutmeg oil is a less popular solution.


  1. Put a drop of nutmeg oil on a cotton swab and apply it to the area around the affected tooth.
  2. You can repeat this process several times a day.

8. Vinegar with bayberry:

The combination of bayberry and vinegar is one of the most effective home remedies for your aching tooth. This remedy can be used by mixing bay bark with vinegar . This paste, when applied to your tooth, can relieve your pain effectively.

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9. Wheat Grass:

Using wheatgrass may not provide relief from your toothaches, but it does strengthen your gums and teeth to fight bacterial infections more effectively. You can chew wheatgrass  directly on your dental problem. In this way, you can prevent further tooth decay.

10. Alcohol:

You are not able to know that alcohol is also one of the homemade recipes to treat toothache. Alcohol has an effect on killing bacteria and helps relieve your pain. You can use any type of alcohol as a mouthwash, especially Vodka, Whiskey, Scotch, the strongest and most effective mouthwash. You pick up and drink alcohol inside your mouth and then spit it out.

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