Tips to Treat Diarrhea Faster!

The tips to treat diarrhea faster work, as it can be caused by viruses or bacteria present in the food we eat. And it can be accompanied by fever and stools mixed with blood, in this case known as dysentery. Salmonella, Shigella or Campylobacter are the bacteria associated with dysentery.

As we know, it is an extremely unpleasant condition that usually lasts for about 3 to 4 days. To end this condition as quickly as possible, you need to consume foods that are astringent, that is, that help treat diarrhea ; Drinking plenty of water is also another recommendation to keep the body hydrated.

Diarrhea can also be caused by:

  • Side effect of some medications, especially antibiotics like amoxicillin , for example;
  • Gastroenteritis, due to ingestion of contaminated food;
  • Food allergy or intolerance, in this case, whenever the person eats a certain food;
  • The birth of the first baby teeth can also cause the problem;
  • Viruses, especially affecting children and the skin .

Some examples of what should be consumed in case of the problem are:

  • Foods that have a significant amount of water , such as gelatin and vegetable soup;
  • Well-cooked vegetables and fruits, such as squash, rice, bananas, apples and potatoes ;
  • Coconut water and homemade whey to recover the minerals lost during diarrhea ;
  • Drinking probiotics during diarrhea is also effective.

Tips to treat diarrhea faster :

Some helpful tips to combat the condition faster are:

  1. Also, eat 1 unpeeled apple, 1 banana or 1 guava ;
  2. Drink homemade serum several times a day;
  3. Also, take yakult or another fermented dairy product that contains lactobacilli;
  4. Eat a plate of cornstarch;
  5. Also, drink black tea, chamomile tea or guyaba tea;
  6. Eat mashed potatoes with shredded chicken and well-cooked rice;
  7. Also, avoid foods high in fat, eggs, chocolate, coffee, alcoholic beverages.

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Another good advice to make the intestine healthy again is to buy a restorative of intestinal flora in a pharmacy, such as Liolactil, Floratil, etc.

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