The 10 Tips to Prepare Your Perfect Detox Juice at Home

The 10 Tips To Prepare Your Perfect Detox Juice At Home . In addition, you need to learn how simple it is to make your Detox Juices at home and ensure more flavor and health. The contents of the glass may be pleasing, but knowing how it was made and what ingredients were used is essential.

That’s because the preparation of a good Detox Juice starts with the selection of the best foods, at the time of preparation – preferably freshly made, to take advantage of all the nutrients -, until the choice of mixtures. For you to become an expert in the preparation of your Detox Juice  and still surprise the palate combining health and a body free of swelling, stay tuned! So, check out now  The 10 Tips To Prepare Your Perfect Detox Juice At Home:

Ingredients of Detox Juice Straight from the Fair:  It is important that the foods chosen are fresh. Therefore, when defining the recipe, prefer fruits that are in season. An example: Strawberry should be used from July to September, while Mango should be used from October to January. Also choose for good appearance, if you have the opportunity, opt for organic products, which are free of pesticides.

Detox Juice Without Dirt:  Before preparing or even storing the foods that will be used in Detox Juice , they need to be sanitized. Wash everything in running water and, for a complete cleaning of vegetables, herbs, vegetables and fruits, it is recommended to leave them in a mixture with 1 tablespoon of bleach for each liter of clean water.

Then just rinse again. If you consume it with the peel, clean it with a brush to wash the surface. Foods that are refrigerated should be stored in plastic bags with holes and in the bottom of the refrigerator – this is the case with cabbage and other leaves, fruits and herbs. For ready Detox Juice , prefer the top shelf.

Practicality in the Glass:  To make it even easier to make Detox Juice , it is recommended that you leave fruits and vegetables washed and ready for consumption. Apple , Pear , Carambola and Grape , for example, can be consumed with the same peel.

Some leaves, like kale , allow freezing and storage for up to six months. But for that, they need a thermal shock, known as bleaching. The process consists of dropping the leaf in boiling water for a few seconds and then passing through the ice water.

Combinations:  In order not to just stick with Orange or Lemon Juice , bet on more complete mixtures, in addition to fruits, also use vegetables, vegetables and seeds, as these elements enrich the diet without adding many calories. And it’s worth taking a chance on these combinations!

Just be careful with the amount of foods like Banana , where the flavor can overpower the other ingredients. To balance, mix acidic fruits like orange or pineapple with more neutral fruits like papaya and apple .


  • In contact with air and light, juices lose nutrients. Therefore, the ideal is that consumption is right after preparation.
  • Always prefer mineral or filtered water or, if possible, use Orange Juice , Lemon or Coconut Water based on preparation.
  • Avoid Sugar to sweeten and get used to the taste.
  • If you need to sweeten, prefer a small amount of honey or stevia-based sweeteners or look for sweeter fruits to add to the mix.
  • Avoid juices from boxes, as they contain harmful substances in their compositions, such as preservatives, flavorings and a lot of sugar.

Extracting the Juice:  Both blender and centrifuge are indicated to prepare natural juices. However, the difference is the result. The blender almost always needs water or other liquid to make juices from fruits and vegetables. If the food is placed with peel and pomace, the Fibers remain, although some are lost with the blade cuts.

For those who have constipation or need to reduce cholesterol , it is important not to strain or just remove the excess. In the centrifuge, the difference is that it does not require the addition of water and retains a large part of the fibers of the food, strained in the device itself.

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