10 Tips to Naturally Eliminate Vagina Odor

Tips to Naturally Eliminate Vagina Odor are very easy to do. Also, no woman should be concerned about  vaginal odor , which is mild and often barely noticeable and can change with each phase of the menstrual cycle. However, when it is too strong, different from usual and causing discomfort, it is a sign of abnormality and it is time to seek medical advice.

Vaginal odor is a consequence, you need to find out the cause first, the most common reason is an infection. Vaginal odor  could be candidiasis, or other bacteria, or even an STD, so make sure this isn’t the case, just go to the doctor. Knowing the right way to stay clean, choosing healthy foods, and even exercising your vagina are all ways to keep your vagina in the best possible condition. So, check out 10 Tips to Naturally Eliminate Vagina Odor :

Avoid Using Perfumed Intimate Hygiene Products: To properly hygiene the vaginal area, it is best to use a soap with neutral PH and warm water, this is one of the main tips to naturally end the odor in the vagina.

Because scented soaps contain many chemicals that can cause the vagina to produce more odorous yellowish , white or even greenish discharge.

Tight Clothes: Tight  clothes prevent the region from breathing and facilitate the impregnation of harmful fungi and bacteria. To avoid, opt for wider pieces and made of cotton.

Avoid Using Gynecological Douches: One of the tips to naturally eliminate vaginal odor is to avoid using vaginal douches as they can alter the balance of healthy bacteria in the vagina, causing the bacteria that cause the foul-smelling yellow discharge to become reproduce.

Insufficient Hygiene:  Failure to sanitize the vagina region is also a problem, as excess sweat and secretion can cause itching and other diseases. To avoid, wash all folds carefully during the shower using neutral, odorless and colorless soap.

Change Your Underwear Regularly: Changing your underwear regularly is a great way to naturally get rid of vaginal odor. Also, a woman should never wear an item of underwear for more than a day, as vaginal secretions make it utterly unsanitary, moist and a ready breeding ground for bacteria to multiply. This is even more important during menstruation.

Excess weight: The folds formed in the skin can also cause the problem. To avoid this, wash and dry the area carefully and, after bathing, go without clothes for a while, this super tip can naturally end the odor in the vagina .

Eat Lots of Yogurt: Yogurt has  the same kind of “good” bacteria that the vagina needs to stay healthy. So, to replenish your body’s supply, make yogurt a daily part of your diet.

Yogurt is great for preventing and treating yeast infections and vaginal odor, other foods also help the body in the same way. Kimchi, kombucha and other fermented foods can be consumed in place of yogurt . If you don’t want to ingest it daily, there are now yogurt capsules available on the market that help naturally eliminate vaginal odor. They have an equally negative effect on vaginal taste, as do alcohol, coffee, and spicy foods.

Use a panty liner:  This is one of the simplest tips to naturally end the odor in the vagina , that’s because there are very thin and scented panty liners that can help absorb the sweat produced in the region and thus keep it dry.

Wash the Vagina After Sex: During intercourse, the person is exposed to bacteria and other microscopic substances that can end up irritating the vagina and causing an infection or even a possible odor in the vagina.

Wash your vagina with hot water after having sex, this will greatly minimize the chances of encountering an unpleasant side effect. Also, asking your partner to wash up before intercourse is a nice idea, especially if you’re not going to use a condom.

Home Remedy To Naturally Eliminate Vagina Odor :


  • 1 liter of water.
  • 1 tablespoon of vinegar .

Method of preparation:

  • Put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a liter of warm water in a basin.
  • Sit down and keep your intimate part submerged in this water for at least 20 minutes, then you can rinse normally and dry well.
  • Repeat once a day until the odor in the vagina disappears, which should take no more than a week.

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Note:  Many women are not familiar with their vaginas , so they don’t know when something changes. Every vagina is different, so it’s important to know what yours looks and smells like so you can notice any changes and, if necessary, see a doctor.³

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